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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Did I Say? The Oilers Penalty Kill Sucks / Pictures To Prove It

Like I talked about a couple of days ago, the Edmonton Oilers penalty kill stinks worse than my dog being sprayed by a skunk (happened twice).

So instead of just talking about how the Oilers leave their positions and chase the puck (WRONG THING TO DO), I figure I'd show you two examples from last night's game.

Tipped In Goal
This was the tipped in goal. See how Penner is waaaaaaaay up top challenging the shooter? Why in the hell is he up so high? That is a perfect example on what I was talking about when I said the other team suckers the Oilers so they chase the puck. Penner is doing that in this screen shot.

Whitney on the right side is wandering around and Foster is left in front of the net to deal with 2 players. I blame this goal on Whitney and Penner.

In fact, the major blame should go to the coach who thinks this rubbish up. The diamond pattern is a joke.

That goal tied the game to send it to overtime.

Game Winner
 This last screen shot is of the winning goal with Penner sitting in the box. I couldn't get a clear shot of the 3 Oilers expanding out (or chasing the puck as I call it), so in this shot, they have moved closer together.

Notice how the Oilers are focused on the puck and not their surroundings? The Oiler on the right is Smid. He leaves his position (front of the net) to challenge the right side point shot. As he does that, the puck was passed to the left side and Kovalchuk hammers the puck home. By that time, it was too late for Smid to recover, leaving the Devils player all alone in front of the net.

Now even if Kovalchuk didn't score, there was two players on the right that could have either taken the puck back, or generated another scoring chance.

The Oilers were doomed the minute Penner took that penalty. You could feel it.

The Oilers have a terrible penalty kill. Chasing the puck is killing them.

Here are the highlights so you can watch it all unfold yourselves. I'm not that crazy!

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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