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Friday, December 17, 2010

Do You Have What I Have? / Edmonton Oilers Christmas Edition

Welcome to the very first edition of "Do You Have What I Have?"

I literally have hundreds of items with the Oilers logo on them from a BBQ cover, to a metal lunch box, to winter boots, and much, much more. I thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff that I have collected over the years with you the readers of

Every so often I will post some of my unusual findings and you can all laugh at me for being such an Oilers dork. What can I say? I love this team.

This is the Christmas edition. Let's get right to it shall we?

Blue Oilers Ball
Glass Oilers Guy
The Orange Xmas Ball. I also have the blue ones.
Glass Oilers Snowman Puck
White Jersey Nutcracker
Blue Jersey Nutcracker

My Oilers Stocking
-Written by Smokin'Ray-


  1. My Oilers glass tree bulb ornamments are white, those stockings are awesome, I have them too. I also have Oilers santa hats and some of those snowflake autographed ornaements they came out with last year.

    I didn't realise there is so much Christmas themed mercho out there with the Oilers logo on it.

  2. @BlueBelle Yeah there is a ton of stuff. Jersey City has a whole pile of stuff that is new right now, nevermind the Sears Wishbook. I was tempted to buy some but figured I better wait till xmas is over just in case someone bought me some of it. ;)


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