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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Wayne Gretzky Assist Leader Award

I had an idea a while back in April about creating an Assist Leader award and to call it the Wayne Gretzky award.

After getting all too excited that this may take off (I do that a lot), it didn't go like I had hoped at all. I went to some of the local press for help/questions with this and was told by most that I was wasting my time. One had said that the NHL has considered renaming a trophy after Gretzky anyways, so this isn't a new concept.

Well... I'm not talking about renaming an existing trophy like the Hart or the Art Ross as that MSM suggested. I'm talking about making a brand new trophy all together. One that makes sense for today's NHL.

I truly believe the NHL needs an assist leader trophy for the guys that get unrecognized. Those players matter and arguably, if there wasn't an assist, there would never be many goals.

It's hard to argue who the best goal scorer is. Howe? Lemieux? Hull? Gretzky? It's hard to argue who's the greatest player of all time. Same 4 guys plus Orr? But it sure isn't hard to figure out who the greatest passer was. That's clearly, Wayne Gretzky. Hands down.

He owns the NHL record of 1,962 career assists (including playoffs, he has a total of 2,222 assists). He has the highest assists per regular season game percentage with 1.321 per game. (1,962 assists in 1,485 games). In 1985/86, Gretzky had an NHL record 163 assists in one season (he had 11 more assists in the playoffs that year too). In 1990/91 he made the record for most consecutive assists with 48 assists in 23 straight games. To this day no other player has beaten that streak. He's tied with Billy Taylor for most assists in one single game with 7 assists. That 7 assist game happened in his first NHL season. Gretzky has a league best 270 playoff assists. There is at least another dozen or so assist records that Gretzky can call his own that I am not listing here. He's the assist king. You can't argue that.

He owns multiple records (see above). He's had his number 99 retired league wide. He was labeled the Great One. And yet no NHL trophy in his honor?

So you know what? I'm going to "waste my time". I'm going to tell the world that this needs to happen. I believe it's the right thing to do. If you do to, please sign this petition. I don't know if any amount of signatures will do anything to help this, but I'm going to try. Gretzky would never give up. Either should I.

-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt-

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  1. Hey Ray, can't remember if I mentioned this back when I signed your petition, but you and I are on the same page on this one. Check this out:


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