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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wings Tell Oilers To Flock Off In 5-3 Beat Down / Game Recap

- The game couldn't have ended worse for a fan. It went from a quick Red Wings goal, to a so-so 2nd period to a 3-3 (two goal comeback) tie game with loads of excitement. But with just 2:50 seconds left in the 3rd, they blew it. Or the hockey gods blew it as it bounced in off of Smid. There goes the Oilers hard work down the drain.

- 44 seconds after the go ahead goal, Helm scored after taking advantage of a fallen Peckham and beats Khabby to make it an unreachable 5-3 with 2:06 left in the game. Hard to win after that. Oh well... next time boys! GOILERS!!!

- Both Liam Reddox and Linus Omark played well tonight. Not too bad for missing the morning skate and traveling. Glad to see them connect with Brule for a goal and they wach earned an assist.

- Omark adds another point to his total making it 6 points in 9 games this season. He keeps putting up points and yet people want him in the minors? My god, why?

- Taylor Hall led the team with 5 shots on goal. He actually took 9 shots, but only the 5 made it to the net. He tried hard all game long and did what he could to win. I like his willingness and his passion to try and win games. I hope it rubs off on the others.

- Speaking of Hall. Is there something against Taylor? No penalties were called when he was hauled down or tripped up all game long. Why not? Most of them were clear calls that were ignored? Not just this game, but several games have happened this way. Hmmm... I have my eye on you refs! *eye stare*

- The Oilers, from what I could tell, had an enormous amount of giveaways tonight. However, according to the official score sheet, they only had 10 for the entire team recorded. Am I wrong to question this?

- Theo Peckham continues to grow as an NHL player. He's learning the small things and it seems like he wants to get better. He had 4 blocked shots and he battled to the end. Too bad he slipped on the Helm goal. You could see it pissed him off. Lessson learned.

- The -2 club: Cogliano, Penner, Vandermeer and Foster.

- The +1 club: Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner

- The Oilers were 0/3 for 0% on the PP and a perfect 2/2 for 100% on the PK.

- Sam Gagner was 2nd star of the game and was somewhat well deserved. He did play awesome in the 3rd, but needs to do that all game, every game.

- The Oilers went 20/37 for 35% on faceoffs. Terrible, terrible night for the centers. But you look at who they faced in the dot and we can't be too mad. That's stiff competition. The worst on the team was Gagner going 5/13 for 28%. The best on the team (other than Reddox 1/1) is Brule. He did 4/5 for 44%. Practice! Practice!













DET: H. Zetterberg (03:43 - 1st) , T. Bertuzzi (06:40 - 2nd) , K. Draper (10:43 - 2nd) , T. Bertuzzi (17:10 - 3rd) , D. Helm (17:54 - 3rd)

EDM: G. Brule (11:38 - 1st) , T. Peckham (04:54 - 3rd) , S. Gagner (11:31 - 3rd)


DET: C. Osgood (W) EDM: N. Khabibulin (L)

-Slapped Together By Smokin' Ray-

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