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Monday, February 28, 2011

What A Day That Was...

The NHL trade deadline came and went and the Oilers only did a couple of moves (for the small moves see the post below by Eric Rodgers). Penner for Teubert and the 2 picks was a great move by Steve Tambellini. He picked up a kid who`s not only friends with Eberle, but he`s young and fits into the future of this team. While I am sad Penner had to go, Teubert will be the real deal down the road. Tambellini is building a team that is not only young, but they will grow and develop together properly. Hmmmm.... where did we see this before? Oh right. The 80`s Oilers team. Not saying this team will match that, but I'm just saying. Have no fear fans, this team is moving forward the way it should be. I`m excited for the future. Are you?


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