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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gilbert Brule... Hard Luck Or injury Prone?

Wonder when Brule is going to make it through an entire season without getting injured? Good question. Is it his style of play that is the main cause to his injuries? I`d have to say that`s a factor for sure. He was a junior star who never lived up to the hype that followed him. He just couldn`t be the same player he was in the WHL (1st line guy) as he needs to be in the NHL. With the Oilers for example, he`s trying to fit the mold of a 3rd line player. He`s required to hit the opposition more than if he was on the 2nd or 1st line. He just can`t be the superstar puck handler like he was, he needs to be a grinder. A disturber. He`s also been used on the PK and sometimes blocking shots comes with that job. Injuries happen then too. So as another year passes by, you have to look and wonder, why is he here? Why do we need a player who`s injured this often? Why force him be something he`s not? Potential or not, he`s no good watching the games from the press box. - WRITTEN BY SMOKIN` RAY -

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