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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Hair Love Affair / The Two Ryan's

If you follow Ryan Jones on twitter, it's no secret the guy loves his "flow". Since the first day of tweeting, he's been talking non stop about his and other peoples hair. Last night versus the LA Kings, he had a short conversation with former Oilers player Ryan Smyth during a faceoff.

This is what Jones said today on twitter, "Ryan Smyth told me I had to sick hair at a faceoff yesterday. I told him I was trying to copy him from the old days. He said "Its better!"".

Haha! How awesome! Two dudes lovin'the flow during a game.

While I think it's cool that Jones has that wicked long flocks hanging out of his lid, nothing compares to the rockin' mullet that Ryan Smyth used to sport with the Oil. The mullet is classic.

I miss the mullet.


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