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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Don`t Give A Damn! Former Players? Who Cares

Since the Dustin Penner trade happened fans have been asking me about the trade and what happened and how much I cared. Honestly... when a player leaves, they are dead to me. If your not with the Oilers then I don`t care. Take Ryan Smyth for example. I love him as a player. One of my fav Oilers of all time. But if you asked me how he`s doing this year, I don`t know. Or care. He`s with the Kings. I only focus on the Oil and the players that are here now. I`m an Oiler guy through and through. No waivering. So when I`m asked about Penner and how`s he doing... I answer "Who gives a damn, but I hear that Taylor Hall kid is going to be special." :) GOILERS!!! -WRITTEN BY SMOKIN` RAY-

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  1. With Dustin Penner the Oilers were a 30th place team, without him... well we all know how that goes. No fan bitch fests are ever going to bring them back. Nice one, SR.


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