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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Kids 1st NHL Game (Oilers vs Flames)

A friend from work asked me if it was possible to find 2 tickets for tonights game so he could take his 9 year old son to his 1st ever NHL game. I remember mine clearly (in Vancouver vs the classic Gretzky Oilers) so I thought what the hell. I can find him some. Sure enough, Marsha (Scarlett) Boyd gave some up so they could go. Such a nice thing she did. I'm sending her good karma for it. She deserves it.

I hope Joe and his son really take in everything that tonight has to offer. I told him to show up early so they could see the warm ups and grab some shirts and sub par food from Rexall. I told him to even grab one of those heroin beers.

So here's to hoping the Oilers at least put up a fight with the southern rivals. Make this game fun to watch for them. I'll let you know how they made out tomorrow. GOILERS!!!


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