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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Next 4 Oilers Games

Oh how I wish I could watch these next 4 games. The Oilers take on 4 teams who I like to watch but never get to see very often. The Oil are in Philly tonight (game time is 5pm MT). I love the way the Flyers play and no doubt will be hitting the Oilers hard. Should be a good game. Tomorrow the Oilers face the mighty Capitals. Always love to watch Ovechkin play. Very exciting player. I see some of #8 in Taylor Hall. Friday the Oil head to Detroit to take on the Wings. Tough game as always for the young Oilers but perhaps they can pull off a win. Game time is 5:30pm MT. The last game I`d like to watch is on Sunday at 1pm MT. The Oilers play the Penguins in what should be a hard fought afternoon game. Can the Oilers shut down the offence and win? I think so. So if your around a tv for the next week, make sure to watch these games, we don`t get to see these guys often. -WRITTEN BY SMOKIN` RAY-

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