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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sam Gagner... Can He Surpass 50 Points?

At this point in the season I always seem to track Gagner`s progress. He`s yet to play an entire 82 games and it`s either because he`s been benched at some point or he`s been injured. I always hope for a player to play all 82 games so it`s fair to judge him to the rest of the NHL. Sure you can figure out a players points per game average and do the math, but in some cases, would that said player really keep that pace? Probably not. But for the sake of Gagner, it`s the only way to judge him. His 1st season he played 79GP 13G 36A 49P -21 for an average of .620 PPG. His 2nd season he had 76GP 16G 25A 41P -15 for an average of .539 PPG. His 3rd season he was 68GP 15G 26A 41P -8 for .602 PPG. So far this year he has 66GP 15G 27A 42P -15 for an average of .636 PPG. This season Gagner is on pace to have his best season yet. If he continues this pace he could get 52 points beating his high of 49 points. The big question now.... can he do it? -WRITTEN BY SMOKIN` RAY-

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  1. his plus minus was on a rise until this year. While Cogliano is looking more useful in his end all the time. I like Gags and plus minus is over rated for a forward in my opinion but it would be nice for that number to be close to even


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