Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Viktor Fasth Future Oilers Goalie?

Bob Stauffer said today on Oilers Lunch that there is a good possibility that the Oilers send Nik Khabibulin down to the minors (OKC Barons) next season. Who will replace him with the big club? Viktor Fasth is the name he said.

Who in the hell is Viktor Fasth? No idea...

Apparently he won goalie of the year (Honken Trophy) in the Elitserien league this season. In the this years playoffs he has a 1.78 GAA and a .945 SVS. Not bad numbers at all. What did he do in the regular season? In 42 Games Played he's earned a 2.26 GAA and a .925 SVS. Again, really decent numbers.

He's 28 years old and was born in Kalix Sweden. He's listed as 6'0" and 198lbs.

Tambellini was there watching him not long ago and maybe Stauffer is right. Maybe this will happen? But you never know as Fasth is signed to play one more season with AIK. Read it here.

Stay tuned...



  1. I love how the link is to a website that is all in swedish.

  2. I hit the translate button. Not perfect, but close enough to understand.

  3. He carried that AIK team. They were just promoted from the Allsvenskan the previous year, and were consistently outplayed and outshot. In the playoffs, they qualified as the 8 seed, and knocked off the defending champions, who chose to play them (#1 seed gets to choose their opponent in the Elitserien playoffs).

    I wondered if he'd attract NHL offers. His team is going to miss him if he goes, that's for sure. The goalies that played behind him on AIK?

    Chris Heino-Lindberg, 4 GP, .902 SV%
    Vesa Toskala, 2 GP, .898 SV%
    Bjorn Bjurling, 10 GP, .885 SV%
    Niklas Lundstrom, 1 GP, .783 SV%

    He did miss sometime with injury... might have had close to 50 regular season starts (there are 55 games in the Elitserien season).

    He also had the top SV% in the Allsvenskan the previous year, for a different team (Vaxjo).

    AIK's leading scorer had 28 points. They were a bad team with a very good goalie.

  4. They can sign him all he wants too, but as long as they don't send ReKhabby to OKC.

  5. @saskhab Wow! Thanks for the info.

  6. The only thing I don't like about it would be his age. Unless management sees him as a transitional player until Bunz is ready(I don't see Roy as an NHL goalie) I would go hard after Schneider instead.

  7. @Brandon The age thing was my issue too. I'd suspect it would be a filler signing.

  8. With Deslauries and Gerber off contract next season, and none of our young goaltenders looking like they are close to being ready for NHL time, It looks as thought we could see him come share time with Dubnyk on the big club while Khabibulin gets buried to mentor Roy in OKC.

  9. @Anonymous I don't doubt it either. But what a waste of cash in OKC. I'd think maybe an out right buyout will happen for Khabby?

    On a side note: If this really is a possibility, why keep playing Khabby instead of Dubnyk this year? Make Khabby ride the pine for the rest of the season. Give Dubnyk the games.

  10. AIK has the toughest fans in Sweden named "Black Army" (mostly in a negative way), Fasth will handle the preassure. He is worth giving a shot.

  11. 28 isnt horrible for a goalie is it? i belive AIK had another goalie who debuted at 28ish in the NHL and made a decent career.

  12. I don't think any swede would beat me up for telling you Fasth s the best swedish goalie from the SEL since Lundqvist :-)

  13. If you sign him I just have to congratulate you. If you are worried about if he can handle the pressure, just see his SV% in this years world cup. He debuted in team Sweden this year and he was the MVP in the tournament. Will miss him in AIK if he leaves.

  14. backstrom was 26 and kiprusoff was 27 when he was given his first real shot with calgary, and tim thomas was pretty old to 29 i think when boston tried him, bruce gamble was 30 when he took over netminding duties in torornto... my point is that goalies take longer to develop and this guy (even tho i am a flame fan) sounds great to at least give a trial...


  16. Im an Oilers fan and from what I have seen Fasth looks like the real deal. Id love to see him wearing blue and orange. He would be an excellent signing for any nhl club looking for a goalie.

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