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Monday, April 4, 2011

What's In A Number?

As I watch these last few games, I'm starting to notice that the little things are bugging me. Here's some examples of what I mean;

Why is Khabibulin starting again? Isn't MacIntyre supposed to kick the crap out of somebody? Why does Brule keep trying to comeback? Does Fraser ever improve as a player? Ever? Is Cogliano for real the best player out there? And for the love of god, why is Khabibulin starting again?!? (*Editors note: For the record, Dubnyk starts tomorrow. I'm just being sarcastic*)

But what is really bugging me lately is the stupid numbers the Oilers give these kids in training camp without considering who may or may not be called up during the season. Most stories you hear from players is that the team gave them their numbers when they joined the organization, so that's what they wear now. Makes you wonder, how did Giroux get #12 this year? Or Ondrus get #25? Or Moran as #20? Or even Petiot with #37? Was this the teams choice, or the players? Why are they special?

It's strange that they gave those four lower numbers even though they got passed up on for call ups all year long. While the rest of the "also good prospects" get odd ball numbers like #42 or #58 or #54 or #56.

Don't get me started on why in the hell Peckham is wearing #49. I can almost guarantee that's not his "number". Yet he still wears it? Come on Oilers!

I can see the prospects that have no chance getting to the show taking an odd ball number like say Brandon Davidson, but a kid like Jeff Petry shouldn't be playing 30+ games as an Oiler with #58 on his back. Give him a proper number (unless he actually likes #58) and make him part of the team officially. Nothing sticks out a rookie for the other team like a stupid number on his back.

I've noticed that there is no number yet for Colten Teubert on the Oilers site. Will he get to choose his own number or will he get an odd ball given to him for next year? I'm going to guess he gets a low number like #8.

I'm curious to know how giving out numbers really works for the Oilers. How does it get determined who gets what? Who picks the numbers?


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  1. I'm in complete agreement on this one Ray. I'm tired of seeing O-line football #'s on these kids. It's a trivial complaint but valid none the less. Maybe B.Burke was onto something in Anahiem, when he banned all those stupid #'s for his players. He even forced a star(Getzlaf) to where a proper #.


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