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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are You Kidding Me? Comparing Taylor Hall vs Tyler Seguin?

After last night`s Boston vs Tampa game the whole hockey world raved about Tyler Seguin and his 4 point night. I will say his 2 goals were pretty nice, but the assists were not highlight stuff (secondary assists). I wake up this morning and the big talk is Hall vs Seguin. Again? Really? In my opinion there is no comparison. Two different players on two different teams. Hard to say what`s what. Put it this way, Seguin was benched for 11 playoff games and when he finally drew in, he made it count. But if he was sooooo good, why didn`t he play in those other 11 games? Taylor Hall would have. Compare that. ;) The Edmonton Oilers have the better player. -WRITTEN BY SMOKIN` RAY-

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  1. Hall is the better player, that is totally accurate. I'm happy Seguin is getting some ice time finally but although their situations are different, Seguin is definitely not as good. If Hall had played the fourth line in Boston, does anyone really think he would have been benched and not moved up the depth chart quickly?


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