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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Devan Dubnyk Relegated To #3 For Team Canada?

Yes, it's true. Earlier today Team Canada coach, Ken Hitchcock finally said publicly that Devan Dubnyk has been bumped down to the #3 spot on the World Hockey Championship team.

It was clear that that was the current situation when Jonathan Bernier became the Canadian backup two games ago (plus he started and won one of those games). Once the Los Angeles Kings were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, Bernier joined the Canadians for the WHC. That gave the Canadians 3 goaltenders, so it wasn't hard to do the math. But still...

Dubnyk made himself quite clear before the tournament started that he had no desire to be the #3 goalie this time around. That was a spot he graciously filled the last time he came to play with Canada at the WHC.

Dubnyk was the backup for 3 games at this tournament and he did play in one game for 13:50 in the 3rd period. He made 8 saves and let in no goals.

This situation makes me disappointed with Team Canada. Where's the loyalty? Why not give him a chance at playing a full game before this decision was made? What the hell?

I feel bad for Devan.  He didn't deserve this.



  1. I agree. Dubnyk deserved at least one game, not a few scraps from Reimer-palloza. Reimer and Bernier have not played great so far, have given up a few softies so getting Dubnyk a real game would not have been wrong. It's too bad the kid doesn't get a real chance.

  2. Good for the Oil though as Dubie will show Canadian execs what he is capable of come next season. GOILERS!!!!


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