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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Liam Reddox Heads To Sweden; Martin Gerber Rumors

Announced earlier today, Liam Reddox has signed a 1-year contract with the Vaxjo Lakers of the SEL. From the Lakers website:(Google Translated)

Liam Reddox comes from the Edmonton Oilers organization in which he played since
2007 and during four seasons there has been a total of 100 NHL games.
This past season, played 25-year-old 44 NHL games, recording a goal and nine assists.
In 37 AHL games with the Oklahoma City Barons was a total of 33 points
distributed on 18 goals and 15 assists.
- Liam is a Canadian who can play both center and outer forward and who thrive as both, "said sporting director Henry Evertsson on the new acquisition.
- He is good on skates and I work really hard, but also has offensive talent and technology. He is a two-way player who will run at maximum speed all the time. We fell for his drive in the game. He will do a lot of points, but he is primarily an engine of the team, a player who can draw with the team every night.
Was it important to get a driving player?
- We'll play three games a week throughout the season as the
smoothness will be important, and which will contribute to Liam. The difference
between hockey league Elitserien and is quite large, and we need players who can
deliver in every match. Liam Reddox, who signed for one year, will make his
first spell outside North America.
- That he has played in the NHL is a good routine, but he is no savior for it which is important to note. He has not been able to play for an NHL spot in full, so he sees this as a good start because the Elite Series is a great series.
The Oklahoma City Barons played Reddox the season with the Lakers second transatlantic acquisitions: Brad Moran. It has obviously facilitated the recruitment of Reddox.
- We have a good history with Transatlantic. Liam has played with Brad so they know each other, and we know what is important for Transatlantic and how to make lay-ups in order to fit them. I think we are an attractive option for those who still strive forward in their career, "says Henry Evertsson.
Henry Evertsson also announces that one
goalie, one of two defenders and a forward to be in the squad.

As the article mentioned, Vaxjo is the team that Brad Moran signed with right after the Barons season ended. Vaxjo has been making a big push with signings this offseason after winning their way into the SEL last season. In addition to Moran and Reddox, the Lakers also signed former Texas Stars defenseman Dan Spang earlier this month and it's been rumored that Peoria Rivermen's T.J. Hensick will be joining the team as well.


I've been wanting to mention this for awhile, but didn't really want to make a post just for rumors, so I'll just leave them here. Earlier this month, a Swiss website,, asked Martin Gerber about playing in Switzerland this season. To which he responded "At the moment everything is possible". Skelleftea AIK of the SEL and the Malmo Redhawks of HockeyAllsvenskan(the tier below the SEL) have both stated they have a big interest in acquiring Gerber for next season.

-Written by Eric Rodgers-

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