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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gilbert Brule... So Now What?

It wasn't a secret that Gilbert Brule was in the original deal for Ryan Smyth a few days ago. Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie broke the news and for those two days, that - other than the draft stuff of course - is all we heard. Smyth for Brule and a 4th. Then it was for Brule and a 5th. Then back to a 4th. But finally today, the deal ended up Fraser and a 7th. Glad that's over.

Turns out, the Kings would have done the deal yesterday, for just the 7th round pick and no roster player, but the Oilers obviously made it clear that they wanted to dump a little salary in this deal. Fair enough I suppose. With taking a huge contract in Smyth that does add some cash to the expense account. But the Oilers are not a cap team right now, so why worry about a dump today?

Brule now knows how the Oilers feel about him now and I'd be surprised if he's "all good" with how this all played out. I'd be a little pissy too. Wouldn't you, knowing the team you play for, was willing to dump you to a team that is going to buy you out or stick on the AHL? Ouch!

How hurt are his feelings? Can he look past all this and move on?

I have no idea. This story isn't over.



  1. I think even more insulting is that the kings took a lower pick with fraser, so basically they were saying we dont want brule unless you throw in a decent pick

  2. I want Brule to get healthy and play his abrasive style again. We're better off with how this trade played out. Good job, ST.

  3. Hopefully this motivates Brule a bit to make himself a little harder to trade. I feel there's going to be a few more moves coming July 1, we'll see!


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