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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sheldon Souray or Ryan Smyth?

Now that buyout time is on us, one has to wonder why the Oilers have yet to make a move on Sheldon Souray. They will have to put him on waivers and after that if no other team claims him, he can be bought out. But that hasn't happened yet. Why not?

The salary cap is going up for next season and the Oilers do need to add some salary to the payroll to make the cap floor. Souray, if willing to play here, can fill the cap void. Maybe that's why the Oilers have yet to buy him out?

Word today from Bob McKenzie is that Ryan Smyth has told the Kings that he would like to play in Edmonton next year. If a trade can be done, he wants to come home. HOLY CRAP!!! I'd take him in a heartbeat. No questions asked. Smyth is everything an Oiler should be.

Smyth back in Etown would bring the cap up by $6.5 million next season and would make the cap restrictions all better again. He has 1 year left on his current deal.

If the Smyth trade can happen, then see ya Souray. If not, it's damn possible #44 is back on the blueline next season. Ugh! BRING BACK SMYTH!!!



  1. I think this makes sense bringing Smitty home. He is such a fearless player, hard working and gritty. Oilers need a vet like him. Also, the Souray situation is not tied to his (or doesn't have to be). Souray can still be bought out and Smitty return home with plenty of cap space left. This is good for the fans and the team!!

  2. Sign him for one year 1 to 2 mill to play on the 3rd line. Perhaps play him with Hemmer and Horc. Souray. As I tweeted. There is not enough material in the world to re-build the charred bridge. Let the water flow and let Souray drown.

    Souray I would think will get picked up soon...imo


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