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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Development Players VI 'The Final Chapter'

This posting is the last in my examination of the Oilers prospect system. While looking at a goaltenders AVG is good, its more of a relfection of the team as a whole. Also Save % is great to look at but high quality chances can make a goalie look worse then he really is.

Example, if a goaltender has 30 shots on him one game but the game consisted of 3 breakaways, a couple 2 on 1's not to mention poor sloppy play by the defenceman, chances are many of those pucks are going in. On the other hand, if you cut those high quality scoring chances down in half there is a much better possibility the goaltender is cutting down the goals scored as well. Goaltenders also deal with the mental fatique side of hockey more then anyone else.

In understanding goalies there are a few things important to watch for...
1) Postioning
2) Mentally Strong
3) Endurance
4) Not over-commiting

we will cover first on one defenceman and then cover the four goaltenders....

My opinions are based off of three things...

1) NHL Organization's reports
2) Outside scouting reports
3) Personal observations.

Development Players #26-30:

Colten Teubert  6' 4"
8 Mar 1990


2006-07 Regina Pats WHL                  Games 63 G 3  A 8    PTS 11
2007-08 Regina Pats WHL                  Games 66 G 7  A 16  PTS 23
2008-09 Regina Pats WHL                  Games 60 G 12 A 25 PTS 37
2008-09 Ontario Reign ECHL             Games 8  G 0  A 1     PTS 1
2009-10 Regina Pats WHL                  Games 60 G 10 A 30 PTS 40
Ontario Reign ECHL             Games 10 G 1  A 2    PTS 3
2010-11 Manchester Monarchs AHL  Games 39 G 2  A 8    PTS 10
2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 20 G 2  A 5    PTS 7

Fight video:

Goal video:

revingevs TAKE:
being a highly touted first round pick in 2008 (13th overall), Teubert has the look of more of a physical defensive defenseman.  He can intimidate like nobody's business, and mean enough to
strike some fear into a player coming come the wing. Teubert is going to need to improve his decision
Colten is one of those players who can be reactionary and make the odd bad decision that can hurt the team at the wrong time. This is most likely the reason, he has not yet been ready for the big club.

A fierce competitor who coach’s like. Good puck mover, can punish with bone crushing checks, is strong as a ox, and extremely smooth skater. Noticed at the 2011 development camp  like his game has sped up and covering the ice well with his wingspan. Knows how to wrap his man up well, so very little will get by him. Colten most likely will get at least 1 or 2 opportunities this year to cover off for injuries. This will be the year he needs to impress, as he some pretty good defenceman coming up behind him in the system.

Tyler Bunz 
6' 2"
11 Feb 1992


2008-09 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL Games 22 AVG 3.46 SP .886
2009-10 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL Games 57 AVG 2.91 SP .898 
2010-11 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL Games 56 AVG 2.47 SP .919

Fight video:

Save Video:

revingevs TAKE:
Tyler Bunz just completed a spectacular season for the Medicine Hat Tigers, posting a 2.47 goals against average and a .919 save percentage, and  widely viewed as one of the top goaltenders in the league. Tyler  at (6’2, 200 lbs) has decent size and is in line for a postion with Hockey Canada for the 2012 world U20 world jr's. Tyler's arrows are all pointing in the right direction to this point.

Amazing to see the growth in the last couple years. He looked good last 2010 development camp, but this year at the 2011 development camp he looked even better. Looks so much more relaxed and poised in Goal. Can tell his conditioning is far superior this year as well. This camp was crazy, for how tired he should be with all the time on ice, and he still looked good after the many hours in net this week.

Samu Perhonen  6' 5"
7 Mar 1993


2010-11 Suomo  Fin2     Games 1   AVG 3.04  SP .900               JYP    Fin Jr.    Games 29 AVG 2.71  SP .922

:No video was found:

Truth is, not much can be found on this goaltender and he was sick and in the hotel most of 2011 development camp. Media were unable to get anything more then a Q&A with him. Here is a link to a article done on him over at copper&blue with Lisa McRitchie :

Olivier Roy 
6' 0"
12 Jul 1991


2007-08 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles QMJHL Games 47 AVG 2.87 SP .896
Cape Breton Screaming Eagles QMJHL Games 54 AVG 2.84 SP .905
2009-10 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles QMJHL Games 54 AVG 2.62 SP .908
2009-10 Springfield Falcons AHL                         Games 3   AVG 2.57 SP .913
Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL                Games 45 AVG 2.79 SP .911

Save video:

revingevs TAKE:
Watching Roy play can be mind boggling,, when he is good, he is very good, but
when he is bad, he is horrid. Considered one of the top goalies in the JR hockey (ie: playing for Canada’s WJC entry) when Roy is on his game, he can be almost unbeatable. Their does seem to be mental lapses and stretches of poor play that can be devastating to his team. Should he be able to start mastering the mental lapses he will be a stellar goaltender but in the meantime he will likely do that as the starter for the ECHL’s Stockton Thunder.  It will be his ability to play consistently and bounce back from bad outings that will take him forward in the depth chart for the Edmonton Oilers.
Oiler Goaltending coach Chabot really likes his game and has even gone as far as to defend him against the critics of his game.

Frans Tuohimaa 
6' 2"
19 Aug 1991


2010-11 Jokerit   Fin Jr. Games 37  AVG 2.14   SP .931
HIFK     Fin Jr. Games 20  AVG 2.89   SP .911
HIFK     Fin Jr. Games 18  AVG 3.97   SP .884


revingevs TAKE:
Frans has spent the last 3 years in FINISH Jr league. Can not say enough about this guy. Technical Goaltender who seems to make the right decisions at the right time. Does not seem to tire and has a desire to get better each time he hits the ice. He has sais he wants to sharpen his game some before coming over  but is wanting more coaching in the North American game.
Head is always up. No bobing going on, while looking for the puck like many goaltenders. Eyes are very focused on where the puck is and doesn’t lose sight of it easily, even in traffic. Doesn’t play too deep in Goal but also doesn’t wander very much. Rarely over slides in lateral movement in net.
I have nic named him ‘Fabulous Frans’

Hope you have been able to gain some insight into more of the players in the system for the Edmonton Oilers this year. If your like me, you will pick the ones you like and follow them even more closely as the season goes on...and when someone gets called up due to injury or trades, your going to say "I know him!".

Cheers Oil Fan!

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