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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Transitional Players?

Just got back home early this AM from a week away in BC and while feeling relaxed, got pretty excited thinking about the Penticton Young Guns Tourney coming up in September. We were only hours away, over in Vernon BC and all I could start to think and focus on, is 'how many days till we see some of these players on the ice again?' Yeah, exiting stuff, well at least for me.

In this posting I am focusing on players who I am seeing as TRANSITIONAL players in the system. These are the players who fill a role, but in all likelyhood will never be a regular roster player with the Edmonton Oilers. Now if your player , who you are following or hoping for is on this list,  it doesn't mean all hope is lost. Every player has a chance of seeing their dream come true, just for some, it could be a much more difficult trip to seeing that happen. Their are afew players who I have listed who could very well become one of those players who falls into DEVELOPMENT player catagory, but it will take a tremendous effort and consistency in their game to even make a dent for it to happen.

Robby Dee 
6' 2"
9 Apr 1987

Scored the only Maine Goal:

2007-08 U. of Maine H-East Games 24 G 1   A 2   PTS 3        
2008-09 U. of Maine H-East Games 33 G 6  A 5    PTS 11        
2009-10 U. of Maine H-East Games 33 G 13 A 12 PTS 25        
2010-11 U. of Maine H-East Games 36 G 13 A 22 PTS 35

revingevs TAKE:I find it difficult to believe that I could actually put Dee in this catagory. In fact I was going to put
him as a BUBBLE player, but could not, due to the fact he will probably still be in the system next year. In all likelyhood, Robby will be looked at and brought into the system by years end.  His game has improved at the university level, but is barely spoke of in Oiler circles. Sometimes with College kids you hear little about them until near the end of their degree's. But with Robby we still have heard very little. Maybe someone else has more information I have not heard but most arrows are pointing he will soon join our AHL club and decisions will be made upon seeing how he fares at the minor PRO level.

I am putting him in the TRANSITIONAL player catagory mostly because he is not really a BUBBLE player and since he is spoke little of, it is possible he will be the TRANSITIONAL player the team uses, maybe even a player who pushes some of the other younger guys on the AHL team, for a roster spot.

Josh Green 
6' 3"
16 Nov 1977

Hockey Fight:

Last 4 playing years outside NHL:
2007-08 Salzburg EC Aust                          Games 58 G 27 A 30 PTS 57     
2008-09 Iowa Chops AHL                           Games 39 G 10 A 14 PTS 24
2009-10 Modo Hockey Ornskoldsvik SEL Games 47 G 12 A 8  PTS 20
Syracuse Crunch AHL                  Games 69 G 15 A 31 PTS 46

Last 4 playing years of NHL work:
2005-06 Vancouver Canucks NHL Games 33 G 4 A 2 PTS 6
2006-07 Vancouver Canucks NHL Games 57 G 2 A 5 PTS 7
2008-09 Anaheim Ducks  NHL --   Games 5 G 0 A 0   PTS 0
2010-11 Anaheim Ducks NHL        Games 12 G 0 A 0 PTS 0

revingevs TAKE:
Josh Green is a depth signing for the OKC Barons. He's going to push the younger players in the system for their jobs. Hes a hard working player who has good experience, the right attitude, wants to win and doesnt give up in the pursuit of the puck on the forecheck. His role as a TRANSITIONAL player is going to be that mentor role but he may also be a casualty and be scratched from the line up on occasion. One thing we should not do ,is mistake his role to be a 4th line player with the oilers. Josh Green has pro experience but has not fared well in the few times he has had his cup of tea.

Ryan Keller  5' 10"
6 Jan 1984

Highlight Goal:

Last 4 Years playing outside of NHL work:
2007-08 Blues SM-liiga                     Games 47 G 22 A 22 PTS 44   
2008-09 Blues SM-liiga                     Games 54 G 21 A 34 PTS 55
2009-10 Binghamton Senators AHL Games 72 G 34 A 34 PTS 68 
2010-11 Binghamton Senators AHL Games 71 G 32 A 19 PTS 51

NHL games played:
2009-10 Ottawa Senators NHL Games 6 G 0 A 0 PTS 0

revingevs TAKE:Ryan is a perfect fit for OKC and a excellent possible 3rd line filler (3 or 4 games max however) for the Oilers should the occasion  arise through injury. His veteran leadership skills will be a asset to the the younger players around him. A great pro player with maturity and from most reports among peers, a positive attitude in the dressing room. This is why Ryan is a great TRANSITIONAL player for the Oilers organization. He covers most checkmarks required for a TRANSITIONAL style player. The Barons lost goal scoring and that is exactly what they are hoping Ryan brings to the OKC Barons.

Lennart Petrell 
6'3  198 lbs
13 Apr 1984

Petrell may be most famous for knocking out Michal Barinka in the World Junior Championships in what was considered a questionable hit. He was not a junior national team regular until 2003-04 when his offensive game flourished with the HIFK juniors.

HF Boards talent Analysis:
Lennart's physical, in-your-face play will earn him a reputation much like fellow fin Ville Niemenen. His physical play isn't his only upside, however, as his offensive ceiling is much higher. Petrell has all the tools to become a very solid player, including delicate hands and a soft touch. Whether or not Petrell will be able to continue to develop his offensive skills will remain to be seen, but developing his defensive game is a must. Petrell has been known to be reckless in his defensive end, often taking the high risk route, as opposed to making the simple play. Not only is this a result of his inadequate defensive game, but his lack of hockey sense as well. Both offensively and defensively, Petrell has questionable hockey sense.

Future potential:
Making the simple play is something that he struggles with, and something that he'll have to overcome in order to make a significant impact at any level hockey. Certainly given his physical stature and nasty attitude, though, he'll peak a lot of interest from other teams in the league as well, that will be forced to take notice of Petrell. writer Matias Strozyk says:Lennart Petrell: A large forward who likes to check. Energetic and good with the puck. Offensively good.  Petrell's main weaknesses are his defensive game and skating.


Last 4 years (No NHL or AHL experience):
2007-08 HIFK Helsinki SM-liiga Games 48 G 10 A 17 PTS 27 
HIFK Helsinki SM-liiga Games 43 G 7  A 13 PTS 20
HIFK Helsinki SM-liiga Games 56 G 12 A 12 PTS 24
2010-11 HIFK Helsinki SM-liiga Games 56 G 13 A 22 PTS 35

revingevs TAKE:Lennart has been rumoured to be pushing for a center position should RNH get sent back to Jr in the WHL. Lennart is considered to be playing his best when he is flying on the left wing. Regardless, I think Lennart is a depth center who has the ability to be capable of handling some 4th line mins should the occasion arise, but to actually play ahead of some of the other centers in the system? It's a possibility, but highly unlikely. Lennart will be pushing alot of good players this year which is good for the team, but should he perform well, its very likely he has been told he is getting a fair shot to play for the big club right out of training camp or at the very least be a first call-up. A TRANSITIONAL player is his most likely high end.

Antti Tyrvainen 
5' 10"
3 Apr 1989 writer Ulf Andersson says:
Antti Tyrvainen: An energy player with a fearless style of play. Variable with a good shot. Make some goals from rebounds. Aggressive, but sometimes the wrong decision. Dependent on good environment for success.

Big Hit:

Hockey Fight:

Last 3 years (No NHL or AHL experience):
2008-09 Pelicans SM-liiga Games 5   G 0 A 0   PTS 0
2009-10 Pelicans SM-liiga Games 32  G 8 A 3  PTS 11
2010-11 Pelicans SM-liiga Games 52  G 14 A 9 PTS 23

revingevs TAKE:
This guy hits, and hits hard! He is going to cause havoc on the ice every night he plays. He's going to
irratate some teams bad. He is exactly the type of players the Oilers are trying to build in the
organization. Hard working, checker and tenacious on the puck and body. The question for him will be, how does he adjust to a smaller ice surface. He won't have as much time to build up momentum in his hits but he will be in closer and tighter quarters and able to hit more.

He is young, has time to develop still and could even be a development player. I think he was brought in as a TRANSITIONAL player with the possibility of moving into a DEVELOPMENT player should he adjust well and have a good year.  Interesting enough I find his style of play to be alot like the U20 Canadian player Dante Smith-Pelley. He's older but, 1 inch shorter, strong and built ford tough! Nice thing is, should we need a replacement to fill a role on the 4th line in Edmonton he may very well, fit that role. He will be in tough compeition as players like Hartikanen are more likely to get the call up first.

Corey Potter
6' 3"
5 Jan 1984

HF Boards report:

History:Was a 4th Round (122nd Overall), 2003 Draft by NY Rangers. Potter played two years with the National Under 18 team. Following the 2001-02 season, Potter left to begin his college hockey career at Michigan State University. His freshman season was a success, in that in 35 games, the defensive oriented Potter, accumulated 4 goals (3 game winners) and 4 assists and firmly entrenched himself into Michigan State’s line-up. 003-04:This season, his sophomore effort, Potter continued with his strong play. He picked up 8 assists in 38 games, but more importantly he was named Michigan State’s top defenseman. Potter also suited up for the United States at the 2004 World Junior Championships, where he helped the team win its first ever gold medal. 

In 2004-05: After a pre-season shoulder injury, Potter had a developing year. He imporved his decision making and play in his own zone. He was used in all situations other than on the power play.
 In 2005-06: Potter's final year at Michigan State was a very good one, in that he was a team leader and added defnsive potency to his game.

 In 2006-07: The big blueliner split his first professional season between the ECHL Charlotte Checkers and the AHL Hartford Wolf Pack. He was a top defenseman at the ECHL level and played well in Hartford after he was recalled. Along came 2007-08: Potter had a very good sophomore professional season, showing that he has an offensive upside in addition to solid defensive skills.
However, he needed to improve his discipline, as Potter took over 100 PIM during the regular season. Not much of a fighter, most of Potter's penalties were due to either loose play or speed issues.

Talent Analysis:
Potter is mostly a defensive defenseman who can also play an offensive role when needed. He has good size and has  filled out to 200 pounds, which helped him deliver some punishing hits. He’s a decent skater who has the ability to jump up into plays and help create offensive chances.



Last 4 years outside of NHL play:
2007-08 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL                     Games 80 G 5 A 27  PTS 32
2008-09 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL                     Games 67 G 10 A 22 PTS 32
2009-10 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL                      Games 69 G 4 A 24  PTS 28
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins AHL Games 75 G 7 A 30  PTS 37

Last 3 years NHL work:
2008-09 New York Rangers NHL  Games 5 G 1 A 1 PTS 2
2009-10 New York Rangers NHL  Games 3 G 0 A 0 PTS 0
Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Games 1 G 0 A 0 PTS 0

revingevs TAKE:Out of all the TRANSITIONAL players, I would say Potter has the closest chance of even having a chance to stick with the big club. To make the team it will require a few things to fall into place and the stars to allign just right. I don't think that is realistic though and look to see him tending the OKC blueline in the very near future. He's a good hard worker, fairly smooth skater, has loads of AHL experience and will be a great mentor for the younger players. I wouldn't be surprised even if Potter was paired with Plante on the blueline. In fact Potter could very well be the type of leader and mentor Plante could use to get over that next hurdle and be NHL ready.

This is what makes Corey such a good TRANSITIONAL player. He can be a solid player in the AHL, mentor and if needed through injury or say trade, fill in on the blueline with the Oilers. Not to mention should he be called up to play, he could easily fit into that 7th defenceman role quite well and not complain while in it. (Better salary in the NHL versus the AHL , so who would complain?) I like his upside in a limited role and I believe he is one of the better TRANSITIONAL role players we currently have.

Yann Danis 
6' 0"
21 Jun 1981

Great Stick Save:

"The Hockey News" says...
Is a cool customer under pressure. Plays a steady, mature game between the pipes. Usually lets the puck hit him and is rarely out of position.
FLAWS: Is a little undersized and must improve his lateral mobility. Needs to show he can consistently string together quality starts at the big-league level.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Backup goaltender

Outside the NHL:
2004-05 Hamilton Bulldogs AHL           Games 53 AVG. 2.34 SP .924
Hamilton Bulldogs AHL           Games 39 AVG 2.97  SP .902
Hamilton Bulldogs AHL           Games 44 AVG. 2.81 SP .905
Hamilton Bulldogs AHL           Games 38 AVG. 3.28 SP .893
2008-09 Bridgeport Sound Tigers AHL Games 10AVG. 2.26   SP.924
2010-11 Khabarovsk Amur KHL           Games 31 AVG 3.05   SP.910

In the NHL:
2005-06 Montreal Canadiens NHL Games 6 AVG.  2.69  SP .908
2008-09 New York Islanders NHL Games 31 AVG. 2.86 SP .910
2009-10 New Jersey Devils NHL Games 12 AVG. 2.05   SP .923

revingevs TAKE:I know the Oilers are high on picking up Danis and seem to feel pretty confident in his role with the
organization, but I have some concerns. In 7 years in the AHL only twice did he post a Goals against average over .915 and only once in the NHL. Only one time in the NHL did he post a better avaerage and that was with the NJ Devils (we know what kind of game they play). If it were up to me, Danis signing would be to fulfill a back-up role in OKC but unfortunately it will be a #1 role with the possibility of pushing for a role with the Oilers should a injury occur. He is a TRANSITIONAL goaltender in the sense that he is a very confident and mature goalie and will be a good mentor for Oliver Roy (should he get some time in OKC to work together) but as far as being good enough to be a NHL back up for 4 or 5 games? I would say no. Love the guy, not certain about the player.


  1. Danis is already better than Khabi who is washed up and broken. I guarantee that the Oilers would have won more games last year with Gerber/Dubnyk splitting the games 41-41 between the pipes and it's the same story this year with Danis/Dubnyk... but they are stuck with their "MVP" Khabibulin for 2 more years.

  2. Khabi has shown throughout his career to bounce back and to compete against Danis, it won't need to be much of a bounce

    I hear what your saying but Danis/Dubynk would be disatrous other then for a few games here or there. Gerber made sense. He had history in the NHL and had really showed well in OKC and in games with Edm. I agree he would have been the better choice last year, but not likely they were burying another contract. No where do I see Danis as a improvement over Khabi, even if his game is bad. Experience is important and Goalies can bounce back easier then defenceman and forwards.


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