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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hockey's Back!

With around a week til the kick off  of the Rookie Tourney in Penticton B.C, the excitement begins to heat up.  Jr teams have already begun their training camps and can be found in pre-season action while many NHL players can be found getting on the ice in their local area's to get the rust off before training camp. (ie: Perry Pearn's 3on3)

It's going to be a busy and exciting next few weeks here in Edmonton. There is lots to be excited about! Who is going to crack the opening night Oilers roster? Will RNH last that long? Will he play beyond the max 9 games or be sent back to Jr hockey to play with the Red Deer Rebels and a shot at Gold with Team Canada in the new year? What about Lander? Does he crack the roster out of training camp? Or does he end up playing some in OKC and is the first center call up?  Hartikanen anyone? As hard and as good as he can play out of training camp, is there even a remote chance they sit someone in favour of him, come opening night? Is this the year Colten Teubert proves his critics wrong? Could this be his year to bust into the NHL?  What about Jeff Petry? If he truly has a outstanding training camp, looks better out of the gates then Chorney , is he really going to,  have to start in OKC just because he is free to roam back and forth between the AHL and NHL?

These are great questions and a month from now, we will have all the answers (or so we H.O.P.E). I am going to take time and discuss each one of these five players between now and rookie tourney. No one, not even the Oilers organization knows exactly what is going to happen with each of these five players. If they play to their potential, they will make the decision real hard on the coaching staff, but isn't good competition what we all want for this team? The cupboards are stocked, and I am Stoked! This is going to be a heck of a RiDe folks.

Hoping to get out to see the Oil Kings pre-season tournament in St.Albert. Going to be getting a closer look at  some of the Oiler prospects and possible 2012 and 2013 NHL eligible draft prospects.

Grab your Oiler jersey's, get your game face on, grab a drink, call a buddy, set your PVR's, cause it's Hockey Night tonight , and it's here for the Year!  (well,

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