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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lennart Petrell To Make The Oilers Squad?

I didn't get to watch the Oilers game yet (recorded it with PVR), but I did listen to the game on my iPhone. An interesting tidbit from Bob Stauffer was thrown out there. He says that it's very possible that Lennart Petrell could make the team. With his fearless playing and his ability to go on the penalty kill, Bob claims that he's just what the Oilers need. I suppose it is possible that he cracks the lineup (Bob is seldom wrong), but to me personally, I think it's a stretch as the team is pretty well set. I guess we will see in a few days, one way or another.



  1. A last place team can not have a set roster at this time. He takes Brule's place if needed.

  2. I highly doubt Katz wants to pay Brule $1.85 million to have him play in OKC. Unless another team is willing to take him via trade or waivers, he's on the team.

  3. Why not. He payed Souray how much to do the same thing last year?

  4. The Souray situation was different. Souray talked crap about the Oilers and the management. He made a mockery of it all. He was sent to the minors out if spite, not because Katz loves paying guys big bucks to play in the AHL. Brule has done nothing wrong to the team. He's just an underachiever that no other team wants.

  5. dunno... Petrell is a good forward and plays with a high pace all game. Could be a nice fit in the fourth/third line


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