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Monday, September 12, 2011

"Roy steals the show"

Saturday and Sunday, Oiler players were tweeting and awe struck by the beauty that is called beaches. Was the way they played the result of being so relaxed, they just went out and played? I doubt it. These guys have done this before. Sure there are butterflies, but after the first 5 minutes it became a game. It wasn't til the 2nd period that the Oilers took over control of this game.

Olivier Roy was solid in net tonight. Early on he looked poised and solid. Not at all the goalie who was shaken up at last years world Jr's. Roy has been known to get rattled in his confidence. Not tonight! Later in the game when called upon, Roy stood his ground once again, even on a partial breakaway. He would continue the stellar play through to the third period. With very few shots on him early on, Roy was later be called upon to come up big again.

The two goals he let in , he could not be faulted for. On a night when you will probably read several articles on the other players, I wanted to bring attention and give credit where it was due. Roy stood strong throughout the night and that has to go a long way, as Olivier prepares to move on to the pro game of hockey. I know some may think he only made a few stellar plays, but otherwise he was just ok. Something that is missed often with a goaltender is when it looks's usually because they played well enough to make it look that way.
Before I forget, did you see his new cage? Loved it! I looked for a pic of it online but could not find one. Anyone that can locate a picture, send it my way. I need it for my computer wallpaper.

Lots of excitement to gain from last night's game, but none more then a win. Yes, I said win! We Oiler fans will take any win we can get, in any form, in any fashion. Even a rookie game. Good win for the boys. What I really liked most last night was the chemistry I was seeing as a team. I'm not going to rate any players or break down the play of each player. I am waiting til the end of the tourney before giving my evaluation and take on it as a whole. As for last night, I am going to take the next 48 hours to enjoy every moment of it.

A couple notes when we are evaluating that may be important to look at. Some of the players are older and should look much better out there playing against younger guys. Also RNH should look good, he is a #1 NHL pick. What they did last night should be expected, as well as Roy should shine. I would also add, Lander and RNH are not going to be looked and evaluated as much right now as main training camp. The Oilers just want these two young guys to get their legs under them before heading back to Edmonton to compete for a roster spot with the Oilers main squad. This tourney is a great time to evaluate the other players who could be a part of the future but seldom we get to see.

What's your impression's of last night's game? Who stood out to you? Do you have any concerns about RNH's game or maybe one of the other forwards or even a defenceman? What rookie are you most excited to see at main training camp? All I can say is, I am jacked OIL hockey is BACK!

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