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Thursday, September 15, 2011


What a tough loss! I have to say, going into this game, I was excited about the Oilers going undefeated in the tourney.  I know the rookies still finished the tourney 2-1, but did our only loss have to be to the rival south of us? You would have hoped, we would have seen some more offense in the game.  Let's face it, the Oilers loss this one early in the 1st period. Down 2 goals is never a easy task to come back from and last night was no exception.

Last night's game inspired an article from a Flames blogger that shows us how competitive this rivalry can be. Reading the blog you would think you are reading a book where no intelligent factual thought was given. But hey, it's a free world and anyone can say what they feel, be it factual or be it fantasy. Before you read the article, be warned! What you are about to read is "rated R" to Oiler fans.

I give full credit to the Calgary rookies in this game. They worked hard, displayed some good talent and deserved the win. But this article is what makes the "Battle of Alberta" what it truly is. In fact, this blogger did exactly what was needed ,to get the competitive juices going. It stirs you up, makes you defensive of your team (the Oilers) and makes you want to rip the other teams jersey's off. (no visuals please)  I say bring on the season. Time to start the ol'rivalry up once again! Anyone remember this game against the Flames?

Back to last nights, game. It was a frustrating one, but also was nice to see some fight still in the tank after the 1st period. The Oilers could have just continued playing the same into the 2nd period.  It looked like we saw some good effort and last minute fight to make a game of this. All in all, they gave a good push and didn't just write it in early.

There were notes of interest in this game. Interesting that once again, the Oilers did not play their top draft pick against the Flames in the tourney. Just as Hall sat out the game against Calgary last year, RNH was scratched against the Flames as well. I am sure there is no significance to it, but sure seems odd, doesn't it? Also it can be noted, Olivier Roy and Tyler Bunz saw no action against the Calgary Flame rookies either. In fact, the Oilers goaltender last night was an invite who was able to keep the Flame rookies at bay for the most part.

Not taking anything away from the goaltending last night, but had we saw Roy or Bunz in between the pipes, I think it would be safe to say the result could have been a win and a 3-0 record.

Thoughts on the Game
- Pitlick looked to step up his game. As mentioned by myself and other's, it looks like he is just needing to get some time under his feet in game action. Upon hearing the Tambo interview with Dan Tencer, it now looks to be confirmed that Tyler Pitlick WILL be playing in OKC with the Barons. That is great news for the Baron fans and great news for Tyler. Back around 2011 Development Camp time, Pitlick was interviewed by local media. In his interview he shared his desire to actually play in the AHL this coming season rather then going back to play in the WHL. I don't think we should read too much into this. I don't think it was meant as a cocky statement but rather a confident one. It also looks like, they want to give him a honest try at center position but like the versatility he has between center and wing.

-Lander was fairly quiet in this game with the exception of the goal he scored. Did you see the angle he shot that at? Incredible shot from a difficult angle while moving at that speed. Lander did struggle again in the FO% department again. I never recorded them tonight (Faceoffs) as watching by streaming video is much more difficult then TV. On the other hand, Lander looked to lack a little jump , which we saw from him only a couple nights previous. Maybe he was slightly tired or fatigued with all the travel and excitement coming to NA. I would think he will be more then ready for main training camp.

-Hamilton had a few shifts were he really showed why his game is on the rise. He carries the puck so smoothly for a big guy and reminds me somewhat of Paajarvi seeing him fly down the wing. His big body presence in OKC will be a treat for the Baron fans this year.

-Rieder has shown some good flashes in the tourney in speed and smarts. I like his game, but he does get knocked off the puck probably a little too easy at this point in his physical maturity.

-Tyrvainen has really impressed me. Upon listening to reports, it sounded like he was a rough and tough fighter and someone who had ok skating ability. Now, after seeing him myself, I am pleasantly surprised not only in his checking, but his ability to handle the puck. He never will be mistaken for Joe Sakic, but he has some good promise with the kind of energy, toughness and hockey smarts the Oilers need.

-Marincin with a nice shot brought the game close in the 3rd period. He was another player who is being evaluated in regards to where he will play this coming season. Listening to Tambo speak, it sounds like it will be a wait and see. It will depend a lot of how he fares with the bigger players in main training camp. I am pretty sure he will get a couple exhibition games to better evaluate his play, before deciding on where he gets sent. OKC Barons or the Prince George Cougars?

Appears that almost all of the rookies will be at Main Training Camp. Likely only a few left will be sent to respective teams or move on, as they were only camp invites.

Jason Gregor has reported that there will be no public access to Main Training Camp on Saturday, so looks like your only option for more hockey is to visit Rexall Place on Sunday Sept 18th/2011 for a 2pm Joey Moss Cup. Tickets are $10 in advance through Rexall Box office or can be bought online at  Tickets are $12 at the door. All seating is general admission. That means first come, better seat!

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