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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brule surprise and a talk with Mike Comrie

The Oilers surprised me by putting Gilbert Brule on waivers late Sunday. I do think it was the right move for the club , just didn’t expect it. That nobody claimed Brule was not a surprise even though CTV was reporting that San Jose may have claimed him. His salary is just to high. Brule will most likely be called back up at some point in the first half of the season and I do not see him clearing re-entry waivers. At half price Brule is well worth the risk. Teams like Vancouver could give him a shot.

I chatted with former Oiler Mike Comrie last week and really there is nothing to update on his status on returning to the NHL. “I have been taking a break from hockey and really try not to think about it to much right now” Comrie said. “we have been very busy with life in general and I am enjoying myself”

I asked Comrie if he thinks he will be back this season and he told me even if he felt he could play sometime this year it would be hard to get a contract especially after so much time away from the game. If and when he feels he is ready then he will pursue them options. When asked if he thinks about retirement from hockey Mike told me “absolutely not, I will play again”.

When asked about his time in Edmonton Comrie told me “ I love Edmonton, always have. Its to bad how things turned out for me there the second time around but oh well”. No hard feelings? “nope, why would there be? There’s things I didn’t like but any team you go to you can find things you don’t like”.

I hope Mike has a great year getting ready for his first baby and a speedy recovery. When healthy Mike is a very talented hockey player.

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  1. I could care less about #67, personally...

    However, I wish #89/#91 the very best with upcoming fatherhood and a return to the game.



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