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Saturday, October 8, 2011

'A closer look at the OKC Barons" FORWARDS

Hockey is back in OKC! Nice opening pre-season game in a couple regards. Good defence, good offence, team does have some problems to face this year. Fortunately for fans, it is not a bad problem to have though. The roster may be a little bare on the backend, but that can not be said for the forward positions. It's loaded! I know some people in OKC are a little concerned about who was lost, but in reality, I wouldn't let that worry you. 

At first glance, I was a little concerned, but the more I look at the forwards in OKC, I realize there is more to be excited about, then there is to be concerned about.  I am more excited, not only because of some good talent entering the Barons lineup, but also because of HOW MANY forwards are in this lineup. The bigger question is going to be 'who will not be playing on a given night'?

Losing Moran, Giroux and McDonald will not be as bad as some have been thinking. All three have been playing in the AHL awhile for a reason. Nothing wrong with AHL veterans but there is something to be said about icing a team that has several players aiming to make the parent club in the NHL. Not players that just have dreams, but players who are still young and have good skill to accompany that dream.

I see this OKC forward lineup as a "Vette" as opposed to last year's "Charger". Nothing wrong with a Charger, however there is something to be said about driving a sweet car like this one. Let's take a look at the roster as per the 'Barons' website...

Gilbert Brule,Tanner House,Milan Kytnar, Ryan O'Marra,Ryan Martindale,
Chris VandeVelde

Right Wing:
Tyler Pitlick, Andre Lord, Mark Arcobello, Ryan Keller

Left Wing:
Josh Green, Antti  Tyrvainen,Triston Grant, Teemu Hartikanen,Curtis hamilton,
Philppe Cornet, Hunter Tremblay

Some players are going to have to be be moved around to make these lines work. Here is some combinations I would use if I were Todd Nelson.

Teemu Hartikanen/Gilbert Brule/Tyler Pitlick
Curtis hamilton/Chris VandeVelde/Ryan Keller
Hunter Tremblay/Ryan Martindale/Mark Arcobello

Philppe Cornet/Tanner House/Josh Green

extras:Milan Kytnar, Ryan O'Marra,Andre Lord, Antti Tyrvainen,Triston Grant

Personally, I would have Antti Tyrvainen on the 4th line instead of Cornet. Too many players at the forward position on this roster and it still is possible that in a couple weeks Lander could end up joining the Barons. How would you line up the farm team forward lines? Obviously O'Marra can't be sitting so there are some hard decisions to make. Curious to see how opening night lineup will look.

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