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Monday, October 3, 2011

COMING:Oilers 2012 Draft watch?

Welcome to 'Oilersjambalaya' 2012 Oilers Draft Watch.

As I had mentioned in some tweets as well in a previous blog I had done, I was going to be releasing a Oilers 2012 Draft Watch here at 'Oilersjambalaya' for you, the fans of prospects. I am quite certain there are some of you right now reading this and 'rolling your eyes'. I suggest you STOP READING and just click out and browse somewhere else. Maybe read a older blog one of us have done here.

The purpose of this watch is just that, were carefully going to follow and watch how several different prospects do throughout the year. The plan? I will be sharing my personal Oilers Draft Watch for 2012 that I have compiled. You can search and find many good scouting agencies who also do this as well. All you have to do is google search '2012 draft prospects' and you will find a ton of information.

For me, I have followed and read through several other scouting reports from last year and into this early 2011 season. I follow several scouting reports on twitter, I check out scouting websites, the list goes on. As well, I try as often as I can to get out to catch WHL games and follow what I can via streaming video or watch a game on Sportsnet when possible for the OHL and QMJHL. I will also occasionally watch some games of USHL or NCAA when opportunity exists.

Later today I am going to be releasing 'REVS 2012 NHL PROSPECTS LIST '. For the next weeks, I will be writing up a profile on one player a week and their progress to this point in their hockey career. Hopefully this will give you a better picture looking into the top prospects that are available next year. Upon the completion of the U20 World JR Championships here in Alberta I will be sending out a new and updated list. At that point we can see who has fallen and who has picked up and helped their cause for a higher selection.

You may be asking, 'what is the purpose of doing this so called 'Oilers 2012 draft watch'? Well, the way I see it is, the Oilers will in all probability, finish best at 15th overall in the NHL, giving them at the very least the #15 pick. The worst they could do is finish 30th overall and possibly receive another #1 pick. (Which I really don't see happening) So since we can assume they will be in that range of picking 15th to 1st overall in the 2012 NHL Draft, I decided it was good to follow the possible top 15 prospects that the Oilers could potentially pick from, in 2012. Also with the way things are being rebuilt here in Edmonton, what if we were to make another trade potentially, that brought us another top 15 pick? You just never know. STAY TUNED!

I will be releasing my list late afternoon on October 3/11.

For continued information on Oiler and Baron news and 2012/13 NHL draft watch, you can follow me on twitter at

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