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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Game Night "Wild"

We all know how much we are looking forward to seeing our beloved Oilers take on the high flying, free wheeling Wild. Or should I say the feisty but boring Wild?

I will be at Rexall Place for this game myself and not too bad of seats I must say. For what it is worth, I just have this feeling we may see more goals scored tonight that will send Oiler Fan into a frenzy! The Wild may not be the defensive team they used to be, but they still do know how to play with a lead, so it's important the Oilers get out to the lead first and don't look back. Here is hoping we get to see the Hall/Nugent-Hopkins/Eberle line back at work tonight.

Grab your favourite beverage, maybe something to snack on, book the TV all for yourself and sit back and enjoy as the Oilers are back in action tonight. Unless of course you are going to Rexall Place like myself.  You will  want to beat the traffic and arrive shortly before gametime so you can grab yourself something to drink and munch on,  before watching your favourite team take to the ice yet one more time this early season. Here is hoping for a big Win tonight!
My predictions for tonight's game at Rexall Place. Gametime 7:30pm CHED630am/Sportsnet-Edm

REV'S Edmonton Oiler
Gameday Predictions Oct 20th/11

1. For 2 straight games I have said at least 3 goals will be scored on the Oilers. I was wrong both times and won't let that happen again. Tonight the Oilers will give up no more then 2 goals in the game.
2. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will once again get a point tonight. After the Flames pushed him around somewhat, Ryan will be wanting to play even harder to show he needs to stay up (Just in case there was any doubt)
3. With Horcoff getting all kinds of ice time each game (including PP time) I am predicting he will pick up yet another point tonight when they play the Wild.
4. Lander will be the only player on the 4th line to see more then 7 Mins total ice time. Last game, I said no one on the 4th line would see more. My mistake? Not realizing we were down a forward and Eager ended up getting a 10 min penalty so Lander got bumped up in mins and played in a few other spots. Won't make that same mistake again.
5. Belanger was a easy prediction (or so I thought) to shine in the faceoff dot and record at least 60% average in faceoff wins against the Flames. That did not happen, and he caused a bad prediction. I was wrong. However, I am going to give him a chance to redeem himself and once again make the same prediction. 60% or better in the faceoff dot for Belanger against the Wild.


As the great Ed Whalen used to say "In the meantime and in between time, that's it, for another edition of...REV'S PREDICTION" (bolded words are not Whalen's words)

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