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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Kids First Game / The Contest Winner

Last night on twitter I gave away two tickets to the Oilers vs Canucks game on October 25th. I did a random draw (pieces of paper in my lucky Oiler hat) and the winner turned out to be a 13 year old boy (I won't say his name cause he's a minor) from Edmonton who has never been to an Oilers game before.

He's pretty excited about the opportunity to be going to a real NHL game. He can't stop thanking me. Hell, I'm excited for him too. I bet he didn't sleep much last night after winning. Haha!

It got me thinking about my first game. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. Well, sort of.

My dad, my uncle Ted, my brother in law Randy and myself all piled into uncle Ted's car and drove to the PNE in Vancouver. I remember being excited the whole ride there. I couldn't believe it really was coming true. I remember seeing all these cool buildings and we even passed the amusement park. All I could think about was the game I was about to watch.

I finally get to see my hero's. Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Fuhr (although I'm sure Moog started), Kurri, Semenko, the list goes on. It was going to be awesome!

And indeed it was. Uncle Ted had seats at the glass opposite of the players benches and he had seats on the 4th row dead center just to the left of the glass seats. I sat with my dad and we watched the first half the game in row 4 and the last the half (switching seats with uncle Ted and Randy) we sat there to end the game with my face plastered to the glass.

I was mesmerized the entire game. I didn't bitch or complain, I just sat there in awe surrounded by a sea Canuck fans (probably was the beginning of my hate for that club). This was my team. The Oilers are my team. There was no doubting it after that game.

I was a fan before this game, I was hardcore fan for life after it.

I don't recall the year this happened (I think 1986 but I'm not sure) and I don't remember who scored the goals. However, I do remember the Oilers won 7-5 and I'm sure I was one of the only happy people on the way out the doors.

So this brings me back to the winner of last nights contest.

I hope he goes to Rexall and has as good of time as I did, when I was a kid. It changed my life that day when I went for the first time, I hope this does something similar for him too.

Have fun young man, this is your first game.



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