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Monday, October 24, 2011

Oilers 2012 Draft Watch "Ryan Murray"

Today we examine the #3 ranked player from REVS 2012 Prospects List . Each player is unique in their own right and full of talent. The ranking does not reflect a mock draft of who a team may actually pick but rather who I would place as the best player available in that spot.

2.Ryan Murray
Pos: D
HT:6'1 ft
WT: 195 lbs
Born: White City, SK


2011-12 Everett SilvertipsGames 10G 3A 3Pts 6
2010-11Everett SilvertipsGames 70G 6A 40Pts 46
2009-10 Everett SilvertipsGames 52G 5A 22Pts 27

WHL fight video

Without question Murray is considered the top defenseman available for selection in the 2012 NHL Draft. Ryan is an impact player who plays for the Everett Silvertips of the WHL. At times in his rookie season he even averaged over 30 minutes in ice time a game. Quite the workload for such a young player.Ryan is noted for his great puck moving ability, and has been considered as a player in the mold of Scott Niedermayer.  Murray is not as much about being a point maker but rather has a bigger future as a two-way defenseman in the NHL.

Could you imagine a incredible all around defenceman manning our blueline in a couple years who can play like this guy? Another defenceman may move up the ranks by draft time, but hands down he is the best all around defenceman available that is a genuine puck mover. The concern at this moment has to be the injury he sustained recently.

-- Whitney/Murray
-- Gilbert/Smid
-- Petry/Potter

Of course that is only putting Murray into the lineup with players that are currently playing or have been playing on the roster. With other prospects that could be ready to go soon enough from the minors or Jrs in the next years you may have a far different look. My point is, I like that first pairing we could actually call a potential top defensive pairing in the NHL

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  1. Did you say RYAN Murray?!?!

    Sign him up!!!

  2. Did Murray switch shooting hands during junior? He was a righty in the first vid now a lefty in the second?

  3. The first video isn't of the Ryan Murray that your talking about... the picture at the beginning isn't him and he never played in Cranbrook..,

  4. Sorry guy's that comment is accurate, not the same player. Sorry for the confusion. I was running short on time and was looking for some video footage on Ryan Murray , so asked a friend to help out. Problem? Never thought to double check it myself. So good props to the comment here on catching that. I have since removed the footage. Ryan is considered the best all around defenceman but very little footage found on him. Crazy huh?



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