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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Game Day "COYOTES"

Today's game should be a interesting tilt between these two clubs. As Eberle has even noted, their is some swagger the team is showing and displaying right now. Confidence is building with each win this team has and each game that goes by that our Goals Against is kept to within 2. This team really believes each time they hit the ice, they can defend against any top notch line in the NHL. That can only be a good thing.

I was actually glad to see the '106' Line (can't decide on that name or PIPE Line) get knocked around some, out there against LA. The tougher it is to play for them, the more they will grow, learn and adapt. By the end of this road trip, I don't think you will see as much protection for these young stars because they simply will not need it as much as they did early on.

Some people have mentioned how the Horcoff line has been really coming on as of late. One factor that can be forgotten when playing on the road? The '106' Line will garner the top checkers from the other team, thus freeing up Horcoff, Smyth and Jones some. When they play at home, with line matching Renney is able to then use Horcoff/Smyth/Jones as the checking line primarily and let the '106' Line show there stuff. I can easily see the kids doing the bulk of the scoring at home while Horcoff and Smyth doing the bulk when on the road.

What does cause some concern long term for me, is the lack of production from our third line. They face weaker opposition yet still fail to produce much offence. I like Belanger a lot, but not really sure I see him as a point producer or playmaker. I know history has shown he can put up some points but to this point he looks like a player who is filling in on a third line but perfectly suited for fourth line, PK and key defensive draws. Time will tell, and as long as the Oilers continue to win, Renney probably will not mess with what is happening. Personally I would like to Have Lander sit out a couple games and experiment with Belanger moved to fourth line for two games, while placing Gagner back in the middle but with Paajarvi and Hemsky playing the RW. I would rather tinker with Hemsky a couple games on third line while he slowly works back into the lineup. (besides the competition would be weaker) Hemsky can always be moved after those couple games and a decision made on Lander. Let's face it, a trade can happen, a injury can happen and those lines could all be messed up soon enough.

Having said all that, I am fine with the lineup as it looks and not tinkering with anything for at least this game. Gonna enjoy sitting back tonight and seeing the Oilers back on the ice. Go Oilers!
My predictions for tonight's game at Arena
Gametime 8:00pm CHED630am/CBC

REV'S Edmonton Oiler
Gameday Predictions Nov 5th/11

1.  RNH played a good game in LA with big opponents, against a top shutdown line and the top two defenders on the Kings. It won't be the same physical game it was on Thursday night but RNH will be prepared for it regardless. This kid adapts like EVOLUTION. Should be able to find himself back on the scorecard tonight.
2. The Oilers will continue to surprise fans and media with yet another win to make it 7 games in a row.
3. Belanger was awful on the official FO % according to the stats. I was sure I saw him and Horcoff win more then was recorded. Bottom line, it was not good enough. Belanger and Horcoff both rebound with over 50% in FO %..
4. The Oilers are looking more relaxed and poised as each game passes, I suspect they will also continue to score. Looking at min 3 goals for Oilers tonight.
5. Teubert played well in his first NHL game, so I look to see him continue doing so. I expect some more ice time tonight will come his way as long as he continues to manage well with the ice time he does have. Over 12 minutes tonight. Let's hope he puts some caution into those forwards to enter his zone.

Belanger really disapointed me last game with a poor FO% and I was sure RNH would pick up a point.55% and climbing

As the great Ed Whalen used to say "In the meantime and in between time, that's it, for another edition of...REV'S PREDICTION" (bolded words are not Whalen's words)

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