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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Game Day "Predators"

Not sure what it is about these Edmonton Oilers but they sure look different between home and away games. I know there is the difference of the last minute line change, the advantage in the faceoff circle or even the rowdy crowds you have to face that motivate the home team. In the case of last night, the Oilers won the faceoff battle and the crowd was a non factor with less then the 10,000 announced in sales.
Were they over confident against the Stars? Were they tired?
Were they distracted by the 'Georgous Cheerleaders?'

No idea other then guessing but let's hope they can reset the game plan and get back on the rails. Tonight they play another team who likes to forecheck, will clog up the neutral ice and not give you lots of room. As well their goalies are top end. The Oilers will need to be firing on all cylinders tonight if they want to pick up a big win in Nashville. They will not win a defensive battle against the Predators with their MASH unit on defence.Not to mention the Predators will be looking to avenge their earlier loss in Edmonton and show the home crowd they are a better team then they were on the road that day.
The only thing you have to wonder, can Renney out coach the Predators and my answer would be...'are you crazy?' Not Barry Trotz teams, the guy is becoming a coaching legend. Here is hoping this team hits the Nitro boosters tonight and pots 3 or more goals.

One last note before the predictions for tonight. I myself would not have messed with a winning lineup in the Case of Eager and Paajarvi. I understand time on ice is a currency for the coach to get players on track but if that's the case why play Gagner over Paajarvi? Gagner has played ok but is a turnover machine that has led to goals on his end, the play will die by his hands many times and while Paajarvi does need to create more scoring chances, he doesn't leak chances the other way. If you ask me, there is a show casing going on. Either that is happening or it is looking like they are closing a eye to the many mistakes Gagner is making on the ice each game. For the sake of Gagner and the Oilers organization, let's hope he starts to put up some points real soon.

Hoping we see Paajarvi back in the lineup tonight, maybe even in the place of Darcy? The truth probably is, this team is so young we will see inconsistencies throughout their games. All I can say is...."Bring on those dreaded Predators!"

My predictions for tonight's game in Nashville
Gametime 6:00pm CHED630am/Sportsnet-West

REV'S Edmonton Oiler
Gameday Predictions Nov 22nd/11

1. There has been very little fights this year with the Oilers but their speed has helped them get on the PP more often then not. I am going to say they will head to the PP with at least 4 opportunities throughout the night.
2. I was going to pick the Predators for the win tonight but as soon as I pick against the Oilers they go ahead and prove me wrong. When I pick them to win, they put up a stinker. What the heck' let them prove me wrong. Nashville with the win tonight (now go ahead and prove me wrong!)
3. It's time for a Oiler player to get on the scoreboard who has been struggling. A player other then Horcoff, Hall, Eberle, Jones, Smyth or RNH will light the lamp tonight
4. RNH continues to grow in his FO% from earlier in the season. I will be posting the FO% after this road trip to compare to his earlier % and also look at him and Horcoff's comparison's once again. Tonight RNH will continue to be 40% or better. I actually think it will be 50% or better but that's my hopeful thinking.
5. Because I love to follow prospects I will continue on the minutes range Teubert is playing. Judging by the last couple games, if this is a tight fought game his mins will be limited but if it is a more open game in favour of the Oil , his mins will be up there. It looks to me like they are trying to build his confidence and shelter him with easier mins like they did RNH in the earlier games. That probably shows they like his game and don't mind bringing him along slowly. Tonight will be a tough game so let's say he stays within the 13 minute maximum.
(EV'S PREDICTIONS TO DATE: 42 for 80 =52.5%)
Not sure exactly why Teubert was given so little ice time this game compared to last, yet this was a game where he delivered several checks without taking himself out of position , not to mention he played the man tough on the boards. Peckham does that as well, but takes himself out of position often. RNH continues to grow in winning draws and Belanger continues to arrow down, even though he did make the low grade I needed for my prediction.

As the great Ed Whalen used to say "In the meantime and in between time, that's it, for another edition of...REV'S PREDICTION" (bolded words are not Whalen's words)
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