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Monday, November 28, 2011

Game Day "Predators"

Don't know how long Hall will be out of the line up, but to say there is no worries in Oil Country would be far stretched. All Oil fans are hoping for a quick recovery for Taylor Hall. In the meantime, there will be a new left wing playing with Horcoff. Chances are high they will elevate Jones into that position, but for my money and thinking I would think it has to be Paajarvi. The way they are handling Magnus to this point has been a shame and will not reap any rewards at this current rate of ice time and linemates. If Paajarvi is to break out he needs the ice time and less then 11 minutes a game just wont do while playing mostly 4th line and spotted time on 3rd. Use him on the point instead of Belanger on the second unit PP as well. If the team is not going to play him in Hall's spot now, when will they play him more? I say, stop messing around and assign him to OKC for some high playing time minutes.

Horcoff has been really earning his stripes this year and other then the occasional give away he has every other game, his game has vastly improved. What I don't get is all the praise the MSM gives to Shawn regarding his FO%. I will be writing a follow up blog on the Oilers and FO% again but in the meantime I would like to see Horcoff more consistent in the FO dot. Maybe it's the amount of overall ice time that is hurting his % as the season wears on. He does play top line minutes and is on the 1st unit PP and 2nd unit PK. More then he needs in this bloggers opinion.

While some fans may be feeling pretty good about a win against the Predators tonight at home, remember they will look to rectify what happened last time out against us and Hall will not be out there to run havoc on their defence either. This game needs Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins to take over this game and bring Rexall to their feet.

Go Oilers! Go Oilers!

My predictions for today's game at Rexall Place
Gametime 7:30pm CHED630am/Sportsnet-West
REV'S Edmonton Oiler
Gameday Predictions Nov 28th/11
1.This is a pretty potent PP the Oilers have so can't see them going back to back games without a goal on it. PP goal or 2 tonight.
2. The Oilers will hold the Predators to within 3 goals max tonight
3. 'Nuge' shut out again tonight, and at home? I don't think so, Nugent-Hopkins will get back onto the scoresheet tonight, especially knowing a win is needed to prevent another loss at this time.
4. Ryan Whitney will continue to see min 19 minutes of ice time tonight. He did look dog tired last game and made a couple mistakes but soon he will be rounding into form. Good luck Whitney!
5. The Oilers may have lost the battle last game but they won't lose this war for a playoff spot. Even without Hall tonight they will find a way to win tonight.

(EV'S PREDICTIONS TO DATE: 51 for 95 = 53.6%)
tough night on my predictions but nonetheless, I still am sitting above the 50% mark. Was not a good game for the 'Nuge' or Eberle and the goaltending lacked anything special other then a nice save here or there. Look to get back into the winning ways tonight.
As the great Ed Whalen used to say "In the meantime and in between time, that's it, for another edition of...REV'S PREDICTION" (bolded words are not Whalen's words)
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