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Monday, December 26, 2011

Game Day "Oilers VS Canucks"

"Burnt Toast" tonight OR "Oilers Branding" of Canucks?

(This piece of toast tasted quite delicious this morning with eggs on it for breakfast. Got my own Oiler Branding toaster for genuine Oilers toast. Not to mention got my Oiler scarf and Oiler gloves along with a cozy fluffy Oiler blanket to use during games)

Tonight RNH has his first regular season game in his hometown and has friends and family stoked to see him play. Let's hope he overcomes any nervousness and displays a top notch game for the Oilers tonight.

The Oilers have been playing a much better game as of late , so am thinking this should be a fairly good game. Last game the Vets Horcoff, Hemsky and Smyth did well in proving me wrong with no turnovers which goes a long way to a win for this team. Limit the turnovers and this team will compete any night of the week. Hard to say how either team will play so I expect good puck control varying by both teams in this game at various times.

This is the beginning of a long trip on the road for this team and a early road win against a divisional opponent would go a long way. They need 4 of 7 wins to remain even remotely in a playoff spot. Should they falter on this trip we will then only be discussing what draft placing we will have and watching to see the Stat padding that could go on with our three young guns.

It's Boxing Day! Let the boxing, show itself tonight in this game and hopefully it will be a exciting game to watch for us Oiler fans!

Gametime 8:00pm CHED630am/Sportsnet-West

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