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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Edmonton Oilers On The Move?

Going by what I'm hearing on the radio and websites, there us a good possibility that some of the Oiler players will be on the move from now till the NHL trade deadline.

Bob Stauffer says that Ryan Smyth's agent is in Columbus today talking with Steve Tambellini. It could be about an extension or it could be about moving him to a cup contender and seeing him return to the Oilers in the summer. This late in his career it would be nice to see Smyth hoist the Stanley Cup. While it may not happen, there is that distinct possibility it will.

It's no secret that Ales Hemsky could be on the move as well. He's a free agent this summer and if Tambellini is smart, you don't let him walk for nothing. If Hemsky doesn't want an extension, he will be moved.

Sam Gagner has been very good lately and that could be reason enough to move him. I would think he's at his highest value right now. If the Oilers don't want to keep Gagner for the long term, now might be the best time to get max value for him. Me personally, I'd keep him.

Can the Oilers get anything for Nik Khabibulin? Possibly. Not sure how legit it is, but rumor has it Tampa Bay might want him back. He's been pretty good this year, but good enough a team wants him? Wait and see.

It also sounds like the Oilers might want to move Andy Sutton. He's a good teammate, but it's not looking like he's part if the future in Oil country. Possibility that he's traded soon too.

What will the Oilers get done and who's on the move? Stay tuned to

-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt-


  1. What does Tampa have that we want if they want Khabi back? Can you imagine Roli back in Oiler silks to round out his career?

  2. Gawd Ive been watching the 2006 Cup run and had two thoughts about it (one concerning Roli, thus the relevence)
    1) WHEN Roli retires or we take him back I say we give him a job as Goalie Coach. He is always so square to the puck and ready for second and third shots!
    2) WHY OH WHY dont we sit Horcoff and Hemsky down and make them watch those games over! Even Horcoff was playing great! If Hemmer could pick up that type of confidence again I would send a resounding yes to contract extension!


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