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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Game Day "Oilers VS Blues"


Sorry for the late game day post oiler family, but was a busy day at work and a early one too. Off to pick up the wife who is sick from work. Did I say, sick at work or sick from work?..(haha!) Then off to pick the SUV up from detailing and then off to a local sports establishment to catch tonight's game VS the St.Louis Blues.

With RNH out for 3-4 weeks, how will this affect his run for the Calder Cup trophy? I hope it doesn't , cause their is not much good news this year in Oilerland and I sure hope to see him back soon. Good news is, the Oilers did play well in Buffalo and deserved a better fate. I am calling for a Oiler win tonight but stranger things have happened.

All I ask for tonight is a non-injury game to our players. Is it too late for Santa to deliver that a year early? The boys are ready and raring to go tonight, so here is hoping they can pull off the win, they so desperately are seeking. Sorry for the short blog folks, but time is a wasting and I need to get my backside moving.


Gametime 6:00pm, CHED630am/Sportsnet-Edm

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