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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Game Day "Oilers VS Devils"

"Beginning of the End?"

Just like you can see in this picture above, several of our video games or movies today destroy our cities greatest monuments that represent who we are. In hockey's version of the movies and video games, it destroys our greatest players bringing them right back down to reality.

No, I am not blogging about how bad a team we are because of Tamby, Renney or Klowe. I am not complaining about the bad decisions I feel get made on a weekly basis from Oilers ownership, management and coaches. The real reason behind the crumbling year after year has been our star "monuments" are being destroyed by injury, year after year.

Granted, we have many other problems, but should our star players (maybe not star players to other teams, but they are our best players) not be falling to injury, this team would be on a different course for the future. Maybe a course that some think would be a better one, maybe it would be a worse course to be on. All I am saying is, should our best players be healthy most of the season, we wouldn't be feeling the curse so early in a NHL season.

While this team may be falling once again into the basement of the NHL, there is always the upside. I plan to take more time in detail and cover that further in another blog soon. For today, the Devil is in the house and Rexall needs a

You want to beat the Devils? Then quit playing their game! In fact quit playing the game of any NHL team the Oilers face. We need to identify what kind of game the Oilers play and stick to that regardless of how or who plays for another team. Win or Lose, but play to your greatest strengths of players and coaching. No more quick fixes or players who act as props. If they don't play our kind of game, then ship them out for something, someway. This is a rebuild right? We are developing right? Then if we are going to do this, let's do it right.

As far as what kind of team the Oilers are...that I have no idea. I think I have a idea, but it could be wrong. If our management and coaching can't tell you what kind of game we play, then maybe they don't know either. It's time to decide what kind of players we want to work with and how this team should be built. However, Mr.Tambellini, please explain that to us fans who are the true employers. Without us, Katz would tire of his little toy and sell it off at the next garage sale. As fans we deserve to be able to hear exactly what this team should be looking like. Are we a defensive minded trap team (or should I say left wing lock?). Are we a fire wagon hockey team that is about reckless abandon? I really don't care anymore which we are, but maybe let's just play that way.

I will be the first to say what no one wants to say about tonight. "No more injuries! It's over! Now, let's play some HOCKEY!"

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Paajarvi is back. Good to hear and I will be rooting for him from the top of my lungs tonight. Thumbs up to Magnus and his beginning to a awesome new year!

Go Oilers!

Gametime 7:00pm, CHED630am/TSN
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