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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Game Day "Oilers VS Stars"

"Rising STARS, or Seeing STARS?"

Here we go with another one of those whacky times for a hockey game on Saturday. In fact I almost forgot that we had a game today, so getting this blog out real late for a game day post. Regardless of the fact, the Oilers are in a tail spin and I mean a bad tail spin. Lots of excuses, lots of comments about playing a better game but until this team can at least put a consistant game together for 50% of the games they play, they WILL be a lottery team again.

These last games, the team has played well, worked hard and got some timely goals. The PP continues to do well as does the PK usually but the penalties dont stop coming, the stupid decisions at important times are what are costing this team games.

I know some are pouring out the excuses like, no defencemen depth left with injuries. Key forwards with offence are hurt and not playing, Goalies are struggling, not working hard enough, need more intensity. The list goes on. I will comment more on this in a "REVS Oilers Rant and Raves" to be posted at another time.

In the mean time these players need to put in a 60 minute effort, take less chances in their road games and stick to the system they have been taught. I do enjoy at least we are in every game, but not enjoying losing every game. Over the last month, the Oilers ARE the worst team in the entire NHL. That is not acceptable by me or many other fans. I know we are in a rebuild, but what I hate is how we wasted 3 years doing nothing before a rebuild even was considered. Now we are in year 2? Opps, need to get back on topic, this is intended for another blog to be later posted in a " "REVS Oilers Rant and Raves".

Ok all joking aside, the Oilers need to pick up another win here this afternoon in the big D. Today's game hopefully will see some different line up combo's but have heard nothing new on that front. Hartikanen must be dogged from 5 games in 6 days, but at least got another day off , so after today only 6 games in 8 days.  Hopefully we soon get to see him playing with some skill. Afterall, isn't it a good idea to put some skill out with a good checker who can score with soft hands and is a beast on the puck in the offensive zone?

Unfortunately as much as I want to see a win today in Dallas, I think the Oilers will be seeing Stars rather then be the rising Stars! Go Oilers! Prove me wrong!

Gametime 12:00pm, CHED630am/Sportsnet-West
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