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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oilers VS Blues "It's all about the future"

Oiler fans should start getting used to seeing this picture of Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh. Not only is it one of the buildings we may model our new RX2 facility after in Edmonton, but it also is the location of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft in late June. 

The injuries just keep getting stranger as the days go by. Never in my life (and I am 41 years old) have I seen so many injuries to key players let alone freak injuries these past few years. Instead of looking at these latest injuries as a sign of a curse or some theory that our trainers are not preparing the players properly, I am looking at this as a blessing in disguise. 

Without these injuries the last few years there would be no Taylor Hall, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. And now this year, it is very possible that late June you can either add Yakupov, Grigorenko or Murray to that fold as well. Do I think the Oilers can finish higher and not receive one of those players? Possible, but not very likely. Even with our three young stars performing well, this team is struggling on the backend and especially in goal. Unless something happens and the Oilers swing a deal for a Ryan Miller or something, this team will place likely bottom 5 this year at best.

Now here is my thought. What if this team could boast of having a dynamic duo? I know some of you see that already. What I am talking about is a dynamic duo down the middle.......

Pittsburgh is not only where we are drafting this year but a big two way centermen is available in that top 3. Maybe, just maybe, we are able to draft that big Russian to play with our Canadian in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. RNH and Grigorenko down the middle looks pretty good in my eyes. Imagine having a combo of  lines 1a and 1b with two elite centermen.

I myself would love to see a line combo as follows in next couple years....

Place whichever player develops accordingly or even move those guys around and you have a pretty nice front loaded team up top. Even if Grigorenko takes a extra year to develop, this is one fan who would like to take the gamble and see this. Some may think I am jumping the gun on this, but mark my words, Grigorneko is the real deal and is a difference maker down the middle.

One more season working on development defencemen and 1 trade for a top 4 defencemen will see this team change drastically. So tonight as I watch this game against the blues, what is it I am looking to see? Truly, just looking to see some development out of the younger players as they continue to grow and learn. No more sour milk here for this blogger and fan. From here on in, gonna get back to focusing on prospects and development in this Oilers organization. Which brings me to something...almost time for some updates on the development of players in the organization. I will be on holidays for a couple weeks coming up soon, so will be posting some updates of development and thoughts on whats happening outside the big NHL club real soon.

In the meantime, here is hoping to see some continued good work from Lander and Paajarvi tonight. As I have mentioned on twitter and will do so on here, Paajarvi is really starting to be driving to the net well and gaining some confidence in each game. With the stars missing, IMO Renney needs to see if Magnus can rise to the occasion. The Blues are becoming a good team and it goes to show what patience gets you.

Go Oilers!

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