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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Oilers VS BluJackets" Rebuild in motion

Today as the Oilers take to action on the ice in Columbus, it's a battle of the cellar bottom dwellers. OK that does not sound so appealing. I know in Columbus it may suck, but if they look at the two picks that are available in Yakupov and Grigorenko, they should not be all that worried. I still wonder if they trade off Carter as he never really wanted to go there anyway. If I am a Oiler fan (which I am) I am not happy my team keeps losing year after year (cause that is embarrassing) but how can you not be happy knowing a top 5 pick will be a incredible pick once again? 

This is a rebuild no question and instead of seeing which team we want to rebuild like, what if we rebuild in a new fashion, a way we know this franchise won't be doing this for a minimum of another 15 years? I see no reason we need to look like Chicago, Pittsburgh etc. Nor should we look like Ottawa, New York, Atlanta, Florida etc..  These last couple draft years have really brought some good talent into the fold that will be good for trading or possible players for this team for awhile. Sure we got holes still, but no other last place team consecutive years has had this much talent injured year after year to finish lower in the standings then they should, like the Oilers.

The young people we have been bringing in through drafting are excelling and on track. It's the trades and or veterans that are failing this team more then anything else. While it's not easy seeing your team lose so many games, it's also pretty exciting seeing the high end talent that is being stockpiled on this team. Talk to GM's in Detroit, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, New York, and even Chicago and you will hear the same thing. They will all tell you this team in Edmonton will be a scary team to play real soon.

In this rebuild, the real question will soon become, how do we pay all these high draft picks when they come out of their entry level contracts or will we be trading off elite talent cause we can't pay them all within the salary cap? That is where, this will have to be the last year we can be a bottom 5 team in the lottery or else we will become like those teams who drafted high but never can put the bigger package together. This team at year end will need to be a minimum 80point team next year or heads will roll. Guaranteed their will be changes in management and coaching should this team not improve next year.

We hear that a rebuild is about development and all our young talent is developed and doing well or at least treading water. Where the failure comes in is the veterans on this team.  It is with that reason, come trade deadline, I truly believe those decisions in who goes and who stays will be decided. Veterans who improve development of younger players stay, those who do not contribute to the development of younger players will be traded or let go eventually.

As much as I want to be frustrated and mad at the amount of games this team is losing, I still find myself watching every game and til the end regardless of score. Play hard, play tough, show some development and improve next year, Oiler fans will be patient. I fully expect a win tonight in Columbus, as the Blue Jackets "Fail for Nail". btw....It's just a guess, but I think your looking at the last season for Rick Nash as he will become a part of a new rebuild in Columbus. Just a hunch, nothing more.

Go Oilers!

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