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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oilers VS Canucks "Rebuilding in Riot City"

My apologies for such a late blog on a game night. If your reading this now before the game, your probably thinking "Man, am I glad there is something to read before the game that will be more interesting then the game itself". If your reading this after the game, your thinking "Man, do I wish I had read this during the game!". 

Without question this team is in full rebuild, but is it a rebuild we can trust in?

Ok, the game may be a snorefest, but on the other hand, what if these guys kick it up a gear and start challenging for a playoff spot? Your right, they might just do that. Just as soon as a Politician admits he lied or mislead you in his election campaign promises. Yeah, this is not easy to watch game after game, but at least they showed some spunk last night. All signs point to a disappointing game and results for Oiler fans tonight. But what if something exciting happens? What if they can actually beat the Knuckleheads? What if, just maybe, just maybe, they come out with a big upset tonight? Exactly....that's why we are all still watching, reading and talking.

The Canucks are a good team and no Oiler fan is dumb enough to think they are not. (we still will say they suck, they choke and etc...) but they are a well built team. Tonight, the story line is much more then the game itself. It's about many moving parts. Whitney is back in the lineup tonight testing out the bad ankle. Poor guy, this must really suck and especially for a top end talent like him to have this keep reoccurring. It's about Tamby and Renney. Will Tamby get a contract extension and not Renney?  Should he get a extension? Is their valid excuses for the fact this team is not playing meaningful games? Who's fault is it really? Like I said, there are stories within the stories. To me, instead of "As the World turns" we have "As the Oilers Lose".

Do we have the right tools in place for this rebuild?
Ever try to work on your car or truck only to have the wrong tools? Sucks , doesn't it? Is that what Renney is saying to Tamby? Or is Tamby looking at the tools and saying, "Only two more parts Tom. This draft , you will have the last big tool you will need". Or, are we tools, for believing this rebuild will even work to begin with? Do you have faith they actually know how to do a rebuild? Do they have experience doing this? 

This team is slowly putting together a collection of stars that will hopefully rival any team in the current NHL. But at what expense?
This rebuild may very well work, and you are looking at the beginning of something very special indeed. The bigger question for me is...How can we tangibly see this rebuild is working? There is no proof, we are just told it is a rebuild and they are building something great. There does need to be some kind of accountability IMO for this rebuild to the fans. The ones who support this team are the ones who deserve to be shown some support. How can that be done? Don't treat the fans like infants who don't know anything. Treat them like adults who are well educated and tell them straight up what the process is going to look like. I understand, there are some things you can not say as management. But they need to find a way to appease the fans with some vision and hope that , this is going to work. Give the fans a bone, and they will chew on it for weeks....and if your lucky, maybe years!

Go Oilers!

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