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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oilers VS Flames "In for a Hall of a Game"

Tonight should be a splendid game to watch, after all, who doesn’t get up for a  game against the Calgary Flames? Who really knows what to expect from this Oilers team at this time right now.  Just when you expect to see this team rise from the cellar, they self explode. When you think the Oilers are dead in the water, they come storming out of the gates. 
(which does not happen often anymore.)

I fully expect this city to be watching their favourite hero in his return to the ice tonight against the dreaded team red from the south. With his passion that he plays this game with and a return from almost a near fatal fluke accident, people will tune in just to see how he responds. Eberle in his second game back will enjoy some more time and space to maneuver out on the ice, as Hall will take some of the attention from the top defencemen and backcheckers. The PP will be where it truly shows the difference IMO.

Going into tonight’s game the rumours are really starting to heat up of who is available on various teams. I see some real potential BIG changes coming for the Oilers between now and July 2nd. Something WILL happen before the trade deadline just not sure what kind of look it will mean. Instead of touching on players going out, lets look at players who are being rumoured available , if for a high price.

Here are some possibilities between now and July 2nd with players that could be obtained possibly for the Oilers. Not saying they WILL be, just saying their is talk of movement but as to who and where, no one can really say other then the GM's and they are not telling.

Ryan Miller
Evgeny Nabokov
Anders Lindback
Johnathan Bernier
Brent Johnson
JF Giguire

Ryan Ellis
Ryan Suter
Shea Weber
Tyler Myers
Matt Niskanen
Vladislav Voynov

These are the most obvious goalies or defence that have possibilities, but in no way means would actually happen. There are deals to be had, but it will cost us players and not players who no one wants. Maybe a Paajarvi or a Hartikanen will be the minimum in a trade but no matter what, it will be players with upside and future potential that are requested in trades. 

Make sure to catch the "Battle of Alberta" tonight on HNIC at 8pm Mountain time.

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