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Monday, January 23, 2012

Oilers VS Sharks "Two Headed Monster"

Which team is going to show it's face tonight is anybodies guess. Tom Renney says the players need to be responsible to show up. The fans say it's the coaches job to motivate, the truth is, it is a combination of both. Renney is responsible for icing the right line combinations that have chemistry. It's his job as well to send the right players out at the right time.

I wonder sometimes as a fan, when will we really be able to see the real identity of this team? What's it really supposed to look like or act like? This Oilers team has been pieced together by the GM to resemble what? That's a question that only our Management team can answer.
Currently all fans now see is small glimpses of what looks to be a very bright future. It's like seeing the babies head pop out, only to be completely disfigured in the rest of the body. I know a gruesome thought, but is it any more gruesome then the display we see as Oiler fans at least every second or third game? Lately far more often then not. I know this team is hurting having Whitney and Gilbert out of the lineup. I know Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is badly missed on the PP. I also know both Hall and Eberle are currently banged up some and are most likely not playing at high end proficiency.

The good news? Call it a hunch, but the recent shuffle of players in OKC with the Barons could very possibly be a tell tale. The management has to be looking long term for the development of this organization. The coach and the GM know they have no contract into next season. Renney has got results from the young developing players to date. With this season now a distant cry from the playoffs, the Oilers are preparing for next year. I know it's pretty sad even saying that but it is the truth and we need to look at this objectively if we don't want to go insanely mad.

I am guessing we will see at least two veterans being moved out at the deadline who are not fitting the big picture and or enabling the development of the young players of the future. I also think we can see the possibility of more playing time for the younger players. It happened last year as well. They want to see what they have in a Paajarvi, Petry, Hartikanen, Chorney and the likes. 

This is their chance to shine. I fully expect the PP to show the rising crop of young stars more and the PK reserved more for the veterans as they press forward with this season. Truly right now we have a collage of players being assembled and they are trying to see where they fit best into the puzzle. Question is, "Can Renney help accomplish that?" For Renney's sake and for the sanity of Oiler fans, I hope so!

Enjoy tonight's game on TSN at 7:30pm vs the Sharks of San Jose. Let's hope instead of San Jose taking a bite out of the Oil, it will be the Oilers downing the Sharks. Here is hoping the "Hungry head of the Monster shows up"

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