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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tom Renney Is Very Unhappy With Ales Hemsky?

No doubt in my mind the Oilers coaching staff has had enough of Ales "Too Soft" Hemsky. Today's comments by Tom Renney rings out loud and clear.

With only 11 seconds left to play in the game, Ales Hemsky couldn't beat out the icing call setting up a faceoff in the Oilers end. In other words, he eased up.

"I've gotta play him. Manpower situation being what it is, his skill level, his ability to turn a game around.", says Renney. "I'll keep playing him till someone tells me not to, or I get to the point where we need to change the scenery. I'm not to that point yet."

-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt-

**Quotes from Marc Spector**


  1. How come Mark is the only guy who has those comments, can we hear the audio. by the way Marc is a idiot.

  2. Not yet. I'm searching for the Renney comments. I haven't heard it yet but will keep looking. I'll post and tweet it when I find it.

  3. Hemsky is a better option than anyone else in their system so of course he has to play him. Don't you think two shoulder surgeries was in Hemsky's mind chasing down that icing? I have no problem with him easing up a bit. It's going to take some time to get that out of his head. He's been playing better of late. This is his first major slump of his almost ten year Oilers career, where he spent most of it playing with dregs. He's earned a bit of slack.

  4. So you are basically writing stuff that Marc wrote without actually hearing it. The guy writes crap about Hemsky everytime( half not true) and I can see why Hemsky won't talk to him at all. Gregor said he has no problem talking to Hemsky.

  5. Yeah. You would think Spector isn't full of bs when he quotes the coach. Burn that bridge and he's covering a different team. I'm trusting his quotes.

  6. I heard most of Renney's comments, no where does it come up or is anyone else reporting it. So till you have audio, you and Marc are both out to lunch. Maybe he had tea with Renney this morning when no one else was there. Let me guess you hate Hemsky.

  7. No. I like Hemsky. I think he could be one of the best wingmen in hockey if he had a good center to play with. Imagine Hemmer with a healthy Crosby? Or Datsuyk?

    But thanks for the comments. :)


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