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Friday, February 3, 2012

Apples and Oranges or a Juicy Steak?

There have been many comparisons done between the Oilers and Blackhawks rebuilds. Here's my take on which pieces the Oilers have in place. These are not position for position but more player type and role analogies.

Blachawks(Cup Winners)     Oilers(Now)

Toews                                       Eberle

Kane                                   Nugent-Hopkins

Hossa                                        Hall

Sharp                                      Gagner

Keith                                        Smid?

Seabrook                                    ?

Niemi                                     Dubnyk?

I believe those were the key pieces to the Hawks Stanley Cup team. There were other guys that stepped up and had big games and/or moments that also helped, but these guys were the keys.

I also believe the Oilers have most of these pieces in place. Providing Smid continues to progress as a shutdown d-man and Dubnyk can continue his recent play on a more consistent basis. I also think Gagner has an important role on this team. He has really come into his own over the course of this season and I personally think the Oilers Nation has Mr. Pat Quinn to thank. If it wasn't for that rough ride he gave Gags back in 08, would Gags be the multi dimensional, "crusty" player that he is today? I don't think so.

We still need that PP QB, maybe he's in the system, maybe not. Either way, this team looks like a great steak. Just needs one more spice and some marinating time. The more patience the better the flavor. Enjoy Oilers fans!



  1. The Oilers are a long way off from the Stanley Cup winning Hawks, or Bruins, or Wings.... too many holes and that includes no second line.

  2. You are correct. We are a long way off from contending for a Cup. I think we do have two top tier lines...sort of. If you break the kids into pairs and find the proper wingers needed for each line. I'd like to see RNH-EBS-___ and GAGS-HALL-___. Not sure who fits the bill long term but Im sure it doesnt much matter either. The role players are developing in the minors...or so we have been told. Hopefully by the time the kids are ready for a Cup run so to will the farm kids. A lot of things still need to go right.


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