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Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Galchenyuk a Consideration at 2012 NHL Draft?"

Alex Galchenyuk is really close to getting back on the ice this season. Hopefully he will get a chance to strut his stuff by playoff time for the Sarnia Sting of the OHL. Combine him once again with likely 1st overall draft pick Nail Yakupov and the odds of the Sting getting to the OHL Championship will increase by 4x I am sure.

Alex more then likely, will not be able to just step in where he left off. Being out of hockey with such a injury can take time to get your game legs back under you, not to mention the timing that is needed for chemistry with his team. The playoffs are close around the corner and the teams will only be that much tougher then earlier in the season.

Hemsky has resigned here in Edmonton. We now have our lines looking more like this...


Now before you shut this idea down, hear my thoughts and take time to really think about this possibility. I don't think there is much argument should the Oilers finish in 29th or 30th spot overall, Nail Yakupov or Michail Grigorenko will be selected. But what if they finish better? I really thought they were going to let Hemsky go at the trade deadline meaning the team very likely would have less chance of winning some games down the stretch. That has all changed, and now the Oilers very possibly could finish as high as 23rd overall (I am thinking they will be a bottom 5 team regardless)

So if this is a rebuild, are we really willing to go after the defencemen who will be a min of 3 years away from being a defencemen in the NHL that is a difference maker? Our top lines are not solid yet, especially if a top 6 forward is available in this NHL Draft year. Biggest question this next year will be Sam Gagner. Will his progress continue or will he return to the former player we all complained about? Is he a fit for the wing or does he need to be a center in the NHL?

Enter Alex Galchenyuk. He was considered a top three possibility before the season began but his injury this season may very well set him back further down the draft line. Several scouts I have spoken with in the OHL and fans from their have told me, they see no reason for him not to go top 5 pick, even though teams have very little to go by this year. While I do have a my REVS draft list on the top 15 players ranked at the 2012 Draft, I personally have my own preferences.

I would rate my Oiler draft list as...
Nail Yakupov
Michail Grigorenko
Alex Galchenyuk
Ryan Murray
Morgan Reily
Griffin Reinhart

So what if the Oilers were to select Alex Galchenyuk? Due to his injury year, it would almost be certain they would want him back in the OHL one additional year to continue to grow after missing a critical development year. That would allow the Oilers one additional year to figure out what they really have in Sam Gagner and spread some of the entry level contracts apart in addition to seeing the development of some of the young d-men to continue. It is even possible that should Gagner continue his growth at center , Galchenyuk could end up playing on the wing. 

Alex comes from hockey bloodlines. His father played for Dynamo Moscow and was a decent player in his own right. Young Alex looks to be a much better skilled player then even his father but with a tough rugged edge. He plays very much like a big Center who skates and works like a power forward out there on the ice. He isn't afraid to go into the tough areas of the ice and works out like a madman. 

It may not be the popular idea around Edmonton with all the past injuries we have seen but IMO it very well could be a match made in "Oiler Heaven". Is it possible our top 9 could look like this to start the 2013/2014 season?


More food for thought then anything, but regardless of any decision made, the scouting department will have their hands full making a difficult decision as who to pick this year should the Oiler finish 27th overall or better for the 2012 NHL Draft

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  1. Intriguing. He's North American born, it's blatantly apparent he has 'game,' and he'd fill a need. If it's me, (probably a good thing it's not,) I'd consider him at 2 short of Columbus selecting someone other than Nail.

    Interesting the rumour mill. Now it is from many quarters that Grigs doesn't have a great deal of 'heart.' True or untrue? No idea never having seen him 'live.' Stu MacGregor has though. It's going to be one interesting draft, and my guess is that Stu is drafting 4-5.

  2. For sure it will be Grigorenko or Yakupov at 1 and 2. The stories of Mikhail being lazy or not always playing with heart are really untrue according to most scouts who see him live. While he is not like Couturier at all, he was said to be the same and has in his first year turned out to be a pretty decent player. Grigorenko has speed, strength and absolutely loves to play. The best comparrision with heart would be to a player like Malkin. People say he has off nights but I would take him any day of the week. If your wanting to get more input I could put you onto some scouts on twitter that you could ask their opinion.

    However regarding Galchenyuk, I can tell you he not only has 'game' and is big and tough and North American but he follows 'Oil Change" and the Oilers season. To me that shows a positive sign if the Oilers were to draft him. I agree 4-5 unless we win the lottery is the most likely scenerio.


  3. good article lol one of the first that i have seen actually considering the fact the oilers wont finish 30 or 29 but in the 24-27 range


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