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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lets have some excitement!

Hands up if you are as fed up with the NHL's point system. Personally I am sick and tired of of some games being worth 2 pts and others, for no REAL good reason, are worth 3 pts. For as long as this assinine system has been in place, I have said "give regulation winners 3 pts to even the playing field". This is not the CORRECT thing to do.

The NHL did away with ties because teams weren't trying to win games, in the last 5-10 mins, they would hold on for OT and then just skate around for 5 minutes and collect a point for their efforts or lack there of. I agreed with this as the games were becoming sooo incredibly boring, no one wanted to lose that single point. The theroy behind this change was teams would try and win to gain an extra point. Ok, but is that a fair playing field for those teams that win almost all there games in regulation? Nope! You could award an reg. winner 3 pts but then there is another stat column to add to papers, websites etc. This will never happen because people, naturaly, don't like adding to their work load. I get that.

The best and most logical solution to this problem, its a problem when better teams miss playoffs due to teams LOSING in OT or the SO, is to get rid of the LOSER point. You lost, deal with it. You want the points, its simple, WIN. This would also insure that the fans will not get ripped off. Teams will actually TRY to win for the WHOLE game. I know thats an insane concept with most coaches but it how the game should be played.

There have been over 113 points handed out for losses in the East and over 105 points in the West. That is a substantial amount of points that are undeserved. The NHL is attempting to "sell" parity, and to an extent there is some parity but not to the level the NHL would have you believe. In most cases it is false hope for some teams. The truely elite teams will not be affected, but thats not the point. Its the cutline teams that benefit from this more accurate reprensentation. Teams that win should be rewarded....properly.

With this new point system there may even be trades on deadline day as there will be more seperation and a clearer picture of who is a "seller" and who is a "buyer". There will be less teams with false senses of hope. Hence there will be more players "available" come deadline day, which really has devolved ever since the current point system was put in place with the last CBA. The anticipation is still there but the excitement isn't.

It's time to get rid of the LOSER point. Maybe then teams could actually play an entertaining "play to win" style in stead of the mind numbing "play not to lose" style that runs rampent in our beloved game. Teams may actually be able to catch other teams ahead of them in the standings and create exciting playoff pushes instead of the hopeless feeling teams get when a rival picks up a point in a loss. Keep overtime, keep the shootout, lose the loser point and gain excitement and respectabilty.

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  1. You are right, get rid of the loser point, but please use a spellcheck.


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