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Saturday, February 4, 2012

What to do with Hemsky....

To trade or not to trade, that is the question.

Personally I have always been a Hemsky supporter. I remember coming out of my seat along with 17,000 other fans, when Hemsky scored those 2 magical goals to clinch the 06 playoff spot. However I also believe the time has come for the Oilers to trade him. No need to negotiate, just trade him. Here's my opinion why.

He is always injured or hurt.
He does not have the "Oiler" work ethic.
He is one of the best UFA's coming up, he knows it, his agent knows it, 30 GM's know it.

The Oilers need cap space for the kids 2nd deals and for a PP QB D-man and maybe for Dubnyk too.

I don't believe the Oilers want to get into a bidding war for a player that in all honesty, you just don't know what you're getting in return. He could become the superstar I thought he would be by now or he could be forced into retirement with another shoulder injury.

By no means do I think he will be easy to replace. Maybe Omark? Maybe Cornet? Maybe a top pick from this years draft? Who really knows. Anyway I look at this, the Oilers would be best served to trade him. Bye Hemsky, its been a nice ride.




  1. i have to disagree. I wont debate if keeping Hemsky or trading him is best for the Oilers but in either case a signed hemsky is worth much more. Do we know if he would sign a 1 year deal? Does Tamby know? How could he if he hasnt even made contact? Even if you plan on trading him you will get much more if Hemsky is signed and Tamby has failed because he hasnt even looked at that aspect

  2. Fair point. I never considered that myself. I guess it goes to show that other then some inside knowledge......Tamby isnt any smarter then the average fan. This one my worst fears as Im sure its most Oilers fans as well.


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