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Friday, February 17, 2012

What's With The Talk About Ales Hemsky?

I can't help but notice all the hubbub over Ales Hemsky lately. So much negativity about a player who was the best on the team for years. Now because of RNH, Hall and Eberle, Hemsky is old news?

The guy can still play. He still has that magic most players will never have or experience. Yet, we hate on him because he wants a bigger pay cheque? I don't get it.

Sure, it's pretty obvious he's moving on, but we can't forget what he gave us over the years. The beatings and poundings he took for the sake of scoring goals. The abuse from the top defencemen in the league night after night. Of course he'd get hurt once in a while. Every player goes through it. Hemsky was no exception.

But now that he's moving on, we forget that. We forget he was a fan favorite. We forget he cared about the Oilers and the fans themselves. We forget he was our star.

It will be a sad day when he moves on. I'll admit it. I'm going to miss him.



  1. I don't think people forgot but the situation with the oilers is that if they don't move him they will need to move someone else to make room for others pressing for spots. He older than most and is at the end of his contract and for the amount he is asking for knowing you need to sign some future stars not long from now just makes Hemsky the logical choice. That and he is likely the only player that can give you a decent return right now without digging into the youth.

  2. "It's pretty obvious that he is moving on" is as annoying as people being negative about Ales. Hemsky is worth "nothing" on the trade market with the season he has had. Sign him to two and make him part of the re-build or trade him when he has some value.

  3. Still love Hemmer wish he could stay

  4. I don't want the Oilers to trade him (if he can be signed).....odds of drafting a 2nd line RW are slim, even with a 1st rd pick (that we may get for him). A sure fire way to ensure that you are in a constant re-build is to continually cast off your veterans.

  5. Amen, Brother! That's one of the biggest obstacles to drawing FA's, IMHO - when Edmonton turns on a player, look out!

    Sadly, you can draw up how this is going to go. Speculation in the MSM, rumours in the Oilogoshere, anyone with a keyboard or phone calling for a trade. After we've shipped him out, management will make snarky comments about, oh, his health or his speed or his commitment (honestly, would it kill you to once say, "We wanted to keep XXX, he's a good player & a good Oiler, but we decided we couldn't pass this up?"), and we'll all boo lustily every time he comes back to the building and kills us.


  6. Ales Hemsky is the Omar Little of the Edmonton Oilers...


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