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Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 SC Playoff Predictions Rd 2

I would recap my first round predictions, but to say they sucked will save a lot of time. At least I got the most important one right with the Kings upset over Vancouver. *snickers*

Okay, lets get down to business, hopefully with better sucess then a 3-5 first round record.

Eastern Conference

New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals
- I'm going with the Rangers in 6, though I really like the way Dale Hunter has the Capitals dialed in defensively.

Philidelphia Flyers vs New Jersey Devils
- The Flyers are scary good and scary mean. Flyers in five.

Western Conference

St. Louis Blues vs Los Angeles Kings
- This is the toughest series for me. Both teams play very similar styles. If LA can get their offense going, Im not sure they can, they will win. I reluctantly take the Kings in seven.

Nashville Predators vs Phoenix Coyotes
- Once again, both teams play very similar styles. The Preds have the ability to score more then the Coyotes though. Nashville in 6.


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